Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Timing in an objective can help or destroy

Feb 16, 2011
Earl Lofland
I support eliminating the SBA in the future. However, Mr. Obama's plan to cut the SBA's Recession stimulus may be a little too much, and premature. The 2012 budget proposal aimed to slash the Small Business Administration funding by 45 percent could be disasterous in providing seed investment and small business loan agreements for domestic small businesses that would provide employment and business opportunities to Americans, to own a business that would ultimately decrease the unemployment and underemployment rates of American workers.

Though the SBA isn't the only government department that will have to figure out how to do more with less in the 2012 budget, there are other departments that are more likely to be less dangerous to our nations security, through federal defunding. And departments that are less likely to provide opportunities for rebuilding America's economy.

By reducing lucrative opportunities to Americans to start a small domestic owned and operated business, it also decreases the opportunities to increase gross National Production of goods and services within the borders of the United States. Thus risking the federal government to be in default of its loans to the International banks i.e. Federal Reserve, China, Saudi Arabia, Et al.

That could prove to be more destructive to our national security by being unable to repay all the debts Congress and the last two Presidents already have incurred on the Taxpayers. It is also very probale to add an additional risk to the governmnt repaying future loans that will be added to the already staggering $14 trillion debt, adding an additional $3.7 Trillion debt for this upcoming budget Congress is to decide on.

One of the many less dangerous programs to consider cutting funding to is the Department of Homeland Security, by at least 65% this year, and for Congress to pass legislation with a 2/3 vote to transfer all DHS operations back to the respective departments before it was created. And by the US Congress passing addition legislation do decompartmentalize the other departments would make intelligence gathering for crimes against the states and interstate crimes to be shared with less red tape. This too could be performed through Executive Orders handed down by the President, that focus on the operations of deparments of the government as EO's were originally intended, instead of seizing control of the private sector for the governments use.

When a crime occurs, crossing state lines ,this could be more efficiently managed by a federal court handling the claim, eliminating many of the many agencies that have created compartmentalizing criminal activities, amd making it more difficult for information to be shared from agency to agency due to seperate rules and regulations that were created by the directors of each sepeate agency.

The most logical measure is to do away with the problems of having several Law Enforcement Acencies i.e. ATF, DEA, FBI, DHS, etc and have them all under one agency The DOJ. All issues related to international cirme be placed under the Dept of Navy and dept of Army. With all crimes against the nations money system returned back to the Dept of Treasury. and all interstan Hiway traffic violations to be placedin the hands of the States unless it involves interstate crimes. This is a topic that could be discussed at a later time.

If the federal government is going to continue with special entitlement programs the most benificial for the American people would be to cut spending on programs that provide little assistance to those whom are unemployed or underemployed in reestatblishing the economy and providing to the general Welfare of the government.

Earl Lofland,
2010 Independent- Constitution Party Congressional Candidate (Delaware at Large)
Opinion based upon

Obama Plans to Cut SBA Budget Almost in Half

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