Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Careful of what you support. You just may get it.

By Earl Lofland
A US reporter for Jewish World Review publised a warning about the events unfolding in Egypt this week.(See last two pargraphs)
Also an article published in the Asharq alawas by By Abdulsattar Hatitah
The Egypt overthrow of Mubarak alarmed international observers to fear that radical states in the Middle East may benefit from the results of the Egyptian revolution. This is due to the Muslim Brotherhood appearing on the scene.

Asked if Iran has contacted the military council, or any of the parties present in the caretaker government headed by Ahmed Shafik, the Iranian source stated that Iran "is monitoring developments in Egypt at this current time, but any steps relating to potential rapprochement between the two countries, this is still premature".

Since 1979 relations between Tehran and Cairo have been severed, due to conflicting viewpoints regarding dealing with the region's issues . For thirty years Cairo has maintained a peaceful relationhip with Israel, and advocates dialogue as a means to solve regional disputes. Tehran doesn'tt recognize Israel, and adopts a radical approach to resolving differences, by sponsoring movements such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

Iran had been hostile towards President Mubarak's regime for many years, and it gave its blessing to elements of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad movement, who assassinated former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981. Iran also provided refuge for some of its members. Disputes between the two states were renewed approximately two months ago, when Egypt warned Tehran of the consequences of interfering in the affairs of Arab states.

This deterioration in the relationship came despite the fact that Egypt has refused to sanction a military strike from the West against Tehran, against the backdrop of Iran's controversial nuclear program.

According to the report by Waller R. Newell in the Jewish World Review; If El Baradei who is not a friend of the U.S. and very hostile to Israel manages to lead the reformers in a coalition, he will be the transitional liberal figure in support of the Muslim Brotherhood theology, who are, focused primarily on creating an Islamist collective rule of law, under the extreme version of Sharia law, an imitation of the Iranian theocracy.
Already, predictably, The Muslim Brotherhood have begun speaking out, about the new Egypt pursuing an aggressively anti-Western, and above all anti-Israel policy.
Aligning themselves with the common cause of their revolutionary partners in Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

A senior member of the Brotherhood also announced that their aim will be to "prepare the Egyptian people for war with Israel"

Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Zahar said on Monday that “in the interest of the nation,” he believes that there are issues that should be looked at again right now, including Egypt’s military presence in the Sinai Peninsula despite it being against the agreements signed with Israel.
Al-Zahar also expressed he hopes now Egypt’s new military leadership will open the Rafah crossing as soon as possible, that opening the crossing would be a way to renew the ties between Egypt and Gaza.

Another Hamas Leader announced that a newly elected legislature's first duty will be to re-consider the peace treaty with Israel. As a matter of course, as soon as they can, and the goal of the Brotherhood will be to terminate Egypt's tourist industry, one of its chief sources of income and an employer of many of the people demonstrating in Cairo today, because they regard tourists as a foreign taint and their interest in ancient ruins as promoting paganism. All of these mirror exactly what took place when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after the US funded overthrow of the Afghani government, thorough funding Osama bin Laden and the the Mujahadeen, later to become al Quaeda, dating back to 1977, and Carter administration and contined on into the mid 1980s during the Reagan Administration.

As Islamist revolutionaries, whatever more palatable image they may choose to present for now, they do not have the slightest interest in raising the Egyptian people's standard of living, because they detest liberal individualism and economic freedom.

So when I hear the spin doctors saying no one realy knows what to expect with the recent overthrow of Mubarak and the immediate freeze on Egypts Constitution. I think back a little over 30 years ago and how this all played out with the overthrow of Afghanistan and what reprocussions resulted in 2000. I look back at the overthrow of the Iran Government in 1953 with the assistance of the CIA and then look ahead to 1979 where we were faced with having a hostage negotiation that ended with the death of 8 brave souls and wounding 4 more in operation Eagle Claw spearheaded by
Maj. Gen. James B. Vaught
Col. James H. Kyle
Col. Charles A. Beckwith

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