Monday, August 1, 2011

Only fools obey the rules made by fools

General Thomas "Stonewall Jackson" said
My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to always be ready, no matter when it may overtake me.

WHY are we in LIBYA?
It started March 19, 2011. costing over a BILLON dollars. $40 million a day. People have been thinking the Republicans were actually going to do anything about reducing federal spending??? , I have a hat for them.. With the word DUNCE on it.

Why did people think voting Republican would change things for the better?

Why did people vote Democrat thinking it would change things for the better?

Henry David Thoreau once said

"The government never confronts a mans' sense of intellectual or morals. Only his senses - his body. They are not armed with superior wit or honesty, but with superior physical strength.

I was not born to be forced!" .

The Tea Party promoted by Fox with Glen Beck started back in 2008. And I heard Republican candidates often address the crowds with the opening line
"Hello Patriots"!!!

There is a time for everything as the Passage in Ecclesiastes 3 says... And it is now time to speak with my highly obnoxious and highly offensive personality I have always been known for.

Time to answer the question, Which one are you ? A Tea Party Patriot; or, a Freedom Fighter?
There's a vast gap between the two.
Democrats promised that we would be out of Iraq in 6 months after the 2008 elections. And that the Republicans were waging a 100 year war. Nut cases that voted for them in 2008 were suckers and even waged wars against people who opposed their cookie sheet Peeps.

Just like the people who voted for Republicans in office in 2010 was suckered into voting for them on the Abolish Obama Care and the "Budget Cut" Promises made by the Republicans.

Thomas Jefferson once said (I am paraphrasing)
The tree of liberty is watered by the blood of tyrants.

Maybe that tree can use a little fertilizer too!

Iraq Withdrawal Decision Threatens Transition
People marched on DC to oppose the "Obama care Bill" and all the things that was being done. But what did those people do after the bill was passed into law? They went and voted for Republicans, and took up opposing something else. Never finishing the first task! Sarah Palin Quit her post.. and they too are nothing but a bunch of QUITTERS! Bird of the same Flock!

And the Republicans ran on the promises they would repeal that, and cut government spending and a bunch of other things that people, like myself said would not happen if you elected Republicans back in power.

So what did the Republicans do?

They Compromised, Raising the debt ceiling, and the cuts they agreed to still will not save the AAA Rating we have in borrowing money. The cuts are a mere drop in the bucket. One trillion dollars over 10 years for the 14 trillion borrowed and adding another 2 trillion to that 14 trillion the spent in one year. That isn't even a symbolic gesture.

Then there is the Bank Bailouts

What did the Democrats and Republicans do again?

Here is your shovel ready government plan for bailing out the Banks. If they can't sell it they aren't giving it to you either. And to think you were suckered into believing what they told you...,That the racketeers in government was about defending the Constitution- Life liberty and Property ..
Theirs maybe.. NOT YOURS!!!!

Bulldoze: The New Way To Foreclose

I have attended Tea Party rally's that were taking place all over, and watched what was said and done carefully. I even offered advise.

Remember, I said the real tea party started long before 2008. Well, If you can view videos on youtube. Look at this protest rally that took in 1993. Learn a little lesson on the what the real freedom fighters are about and what they do when these criminals in office pass laws that are unconstitutional.

Then you will know why I didn't really give a flip whether you voted for me or not in 2010 or even if you agreed with me! And I often said, Look in my blue eyes, and tell me if you see either word:
I, or Care in them.

I am about fighting for freedom not playing games with false teeth and tye dyed hair. I have full understanding that my religious theology may not be what you agree with. And I also refuse to put it aside while running for office.


I am free to think on my own, and act accordingly, to the principles and the faith I believe in as being true doctrine.
It is your right to agree, or disagree with me.

It's also not really important if you oppose a bill while it is being debated most times, As I hope you have learned now; THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK, while they are in the process of shoving dictates and authoritative brute-totalitarian force upon you.
What is more important; to stand and fight against that bill after it has been passed as if your very life depended upon it Because it does!!! and your childs life!

That is how bills get abolished not by quitting, And surely not by voting for the two evils to remain in power!!!

There aren't enough prisons to lock every protestor up, They tried that with Outlawing Alcahol. And when people make the government liable, it stops these assholes dead in their tracks. Or allows for the next stage of a protest to begin.

Some may believe that the Tea Party has awoken the masses, and that is what is needed; to wait for the masses. to be woke up. If that is what you believe, then you are just as much to blame for the problems as the criminals who are usurping power while holding an elected or appointed office and abusing the rights of the people. You may as well wait for hell to freeze over. Or sand to become a top selling item in the Mojave Desert. That kind of thinking gets nothing accomplished or is more harm than good.

" ....the government cannot make any objective standards for helmets without taking on liability, and since they are expressly forbidden from
taking on any liability, they can never make an objective standard
for helmets. There it is.
Without an objective standard it all becomes ad hoc and arbitrary -Ad hoc and arbitrary is the foundation of vague law -Vague law is Unconstitutional."
- Richard Quigley

How does this quote apply to other laws? the foundation is laid under prima facie tthe government cannot make any objective standards for any laws without taking on liability, and since they are expressly forbidden from taking on any liability, they can never make an objective standard. Meaning tax law? is objective because it sets a "Standard: Health Care; sets a standard. and all other social agendas that are funded by tax payer dollars are included in this. Seat Belt Laws, Helmet laws. .. And what do you do? comply to their standards by complying to their rules!

Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.
Henry David Thoreau

Earl Lofland