Monday, August 1, 2011

Only fools obey the rules made by fools

General Thomas "Stonewall Jackson" said
My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to always be ready, no matter when it may overtake me.

WHY are we in LIBYA?
It started March 19, 2011. costing over a BILLON dollars. $40 million a day. People have been thinking the Republicans were actually going to do anything about reducing federal spending??? , I have a hat for them.. With the word DUNCE on it.

Why did people think voting Republican would change things for the better?

Why did people vote Democrat thinking it would change things for the better?

Henry David Thoreau once said

"The government never confronts a mans' sense of intellectual or morals. Only his senses - his body. They are not armed with superior wit or honesty, but with superior physical strength.

I was not born to be forced!" .

The Tea Party promoted by Fox with Glen Beck started back in 2008. And I heard Republican candidates often address the crowds with the opening line
"Hello Patriots"!!!

There is a time for everything as the Passage in Ecclesiastes 3 says... And it is now time to speak with my highly obnoxious and highly offensive personality I have always been known for.

Time to answer the question, Which one are you ? A Tea Party Patriot; or, a Freedom Fighter?
There's a vast gap between the two.
Democrats promised that we would be out of Iraq in 6 months after the 2008 elections. And that the Republicans were waging a 100 year war. Nut cases that voted for them in 2008 were suckers and even waged wars against people who opposed their cookie sheet Peeps.

Just like the people who voted for Republicans in office in 2010 was suckered into voting for them on the Abolish Obama Care and the "Budget Cut" Promises made by the Republicans.

Thomas Jefferson once said (I am paraphrasing)
The tree of liberty is watered by the blood of tyrants.

Maybe that tree can use a little fertilizer too!

Iraq Withdrawal Decision Threatens Transition
People marched on DC to oppose the "Obama care Bill" and all the things that was being done. But what did those people do after the bill was passed into law? They went and voted for Republicans, and took up opposing something else. Never finishing the first task! Sarah Palin Quit her post.. and they too are nothing but a bunch of QUITTERS! Bird of the same Flock!

And the Republicans ran on the promises they would repeal that, and cut government spending and a bunch of other things that people, like myself said would not happen if you elected Republicans back in power.

So what did the Republicans do?

They Compromised, Raising the debt ceiling, and the cuts they agreed to still will not save the AAA Rating we have in borrowing money. The cuts are a mere drop in the bucket. One trillion dollars over 10 years for the 14 trillion borrowed and adding another 2 trillion to that 14 trillion the spent in one year. That isn't even a symbolic gesture.

Then there is the Bank Bailouts

What did the Democrats and Republicans do again?

Here is your shovel ready government plan for bailing out the Banks. If they can't sell it they aren't giving it to you either. And to think you were suckered into believing what they told you...,That the racketeers in government was about defending the Constitution- Life liberty and Property ..
Theirs maybe.. NOT YOURS!!!!

Bulldoze: The New Way To Foreclose

I have attended Tea Party rally's that were taking place all over, and watched what was said and done carefully. I even offered advise.

Remember, I said the real tea party started long before 2008. Well, If you can view videos on youtube. Look at this protest rally that took in 1993. Learn a little lesson on the what the real freedom fighters are about and what they do when these criminals in office pass laws that are unconstitutional.

Then you will know why I didn't really give a flip whether you voted for me or not in 2010 or even if you agreed with me! And I often said, Look in my blue eyes, and tell me if you see either word:
I, or Care in them.

I am about fighting for freedom not playing games with false teeth and tye dyed hair. I have full understanding that my religious theology may not be what you agree with. And I also refuse to put it aside while running for office.


I am free to think on my own, and act accordingly, to the principles and the faith I believe in as being true doctrine.
It is your right to agree, or disagree with me.

It's also not really important if you oppose a bill while it is being debated most times, As I hope you have learned now; THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK, while they are in the process of shoving dictates and authoritative brute-totalitarian force upon you.
What is more important; to stand and fight against that bill after it has been passed as if your very life depended upon it Because it does!!! and your childs life!

That is how bills get abolished not by quitting, And surely not by voting for the two evils to remain in power!!!

There aren't enough prisons to lock every protestor up, They tried that with Outlawing Alcahol. And when people make the government liable, it stops these assholes dead in their tracks. Or allows for the next stage of a protest to begin.

Some may believe that the Tea Party has awoken the masses, and that is what is needed; to wait for the masses. to be woke up. If that is what you believe, then you are just as much to blame for the problems as the criminals who are usurping power while holding an elected or appointed office and abusing the rights of the people. You may as well wait for hell to freeze over. Or sand to become a top selling item in the Mojave Desert. That kind of thinking gets nothing accomplished or is more harm than good.

" ....the government cannot make any objective standards for helmets without taking on liability, and since they are expressly forbidden from
taking on any liability, they can never make an objective standard
for helmets. There it is.
Without an objective standard it all becomes ad hoc and arbitrary -Ad hoc and arbitrary is the foundation of vague law -Vague law is Unconstitutional."
- Richard Quigley

How does this quote apply to other laws? the foundation is laid under prima facie tthe government cannot make any objective standards for any laws without taking on liability, and since they are expressly forbidden from taking on any liability, they can never make an objective standard. Meaning tax law? is objective because it sets a "Standard: Health Care; sets a standard. and all other social agendas that are funded by tax payer dollars are included in this. Seat Belt Laws, Helmet laws. .. And what do you do? comply to their standards by complying to their rules!

Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.
Henry David Thoreau

Earl Lofland

Saturday, July 30, 2011

You voted for these nutsacks!!! Not ME!!!!

Allen West (R-FL), "I'm ready to drive the car." Where off the cliff?Posted by Dr. Rich Swier on July 30, 2011 at 8:44am
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.Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner, in an effort to rally the troops approved the showing of a clip from the movie "The Town". According to CBS News, "The 2010 flick is about Boston bank robbers, and the scene that House Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., played to the House GOP caucus depicts two characters about to go beat people up."

Now that's a good idea. NOT!

Now this part sounds Nancy Pelosian. CBS News reports:

In that scene, Ben Affleck's character says, "I need your help. I can't tell you what it is. You can never ask me about it later." In its reporting, the Post left out Affleck's next line: "We're gonna hurt some people."
The character played by Jeremy Lee Renner replies, "Whose car we takin'?"

After viewing the clip, Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., replied, "I'm ready to drive the car."

West's office confirms that the Tea Party-backed congressman did give that spirited reply and still backs Boehner's deficit reduction plan. [My emphasis]

Does this not sound like the infamous statement by Pelosi, "But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy." Here is Pelosi making this statement:

Here is the video clip from "The Town":

To say I am disappointed in Rep. West is an understatement. Some have called Rep. West a "defector". According to my souces a million texts messages againt the Boehner bill was sent to every cell phone in Washington, D.C. This effort caused Speaker Boehner to delay the floor vote until Friday. Had Rep. West stuck to his guns, as some have said, until the Friday vote he would have been looked upon as a hero. Now many of his supporters are questioning his metal.

Here is an interview with Rep. West and Laura Ingraham about his vote and support for the Boehner plan:

For him to "drive" the effort to raise the debt ceiling flies in the face of his pledge on Cap, Cut and Balance. Has he lost his way or was he bribed by Speaker Boehner with funding and support for his reelection bid in 2012? We shall see.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The continued theater for independence

Constitution Party of Delaware (CPoD)

We the members of all alternate parties have witnessed the agenda behind the political science our General Assembly members have embarked upon from what some may consider both sides of the Aisle. Others consider them a basket full of fruit falling from the same poisonous tree,

In the upcoming presidential campaign, as in the past, the experiences in attitude and acceptance of any options for an alternate candidate have been at very least, less than favorable, and most times completely ignored by the GOP.

I have studied the phenomena of the Ron Paul movement for years. And my conclusion is thus;

Ron Paul will not be confirmed. Because of the rules the GOP used in the past. Yet the GOP will continue to use Mr. Paul as a tool of leverage as long as he remains with the GOP. To repel any potential risks or threats from alternate party candidates and their supporters having an opportunity to be elected, where selecting a candidate that would have a different view than is currently held in the politcal theater of government is less likely to ever occur without abandoing the GOP all together. Supporters for Paul will continue to focus on having him nominated, while the main body of the GOP continues to work its witchcraft. Funded by Banks and special interest PAC's including the Tea Party PAC's which are often times selecting GOP candidates over any althernate party candidates to endorse, Which contiues to feed the GOP's march, in lockstep with its agenda to continue with absolute despotism.

As Jubal Anderson Early expressed was occuring before the War and expressed would continue in a matrix that has embodied the entire spetrum of real politik today when we wrote of these atrocities in his book in 1867

I have long stated that neither side have any intentions of yielding power, (if you are one who views them as being any different). And they will use any opportunities available to obtain intelligence; to distract; deter and divide, in order to ultimately achieve victory in conquering each election cycle with their own pre planned candidates.

On the outside of the spectrum of the Politico theaters, things are seen as giving the people their ability to perform their patriotic choice in selecting who best represents their voice. Yet on the inside of the Politico-machine, the very mechanics or sciences which are moving the machine ahead are pre programmed. So it functions with continual inertia, with little to no maintenance required for the machine to continue its pre-destined course of action.

Some people call it business as usual. Others call it absolute despotism; Totalitarianism; Communism; and a plethora of other titles. Some even label the actions taking place as treasonous.

This week celebrates a very interesting week in American history, most have forgotten about, or have neglected to teach this generation.

The Battle of Montocacy and the battle at Fort Stevens. July 8-12 1864

These battles took place starting just outside of Washington DC Lt. General Jubal A. Early came within sharpshooters distance to Abraham Lincoln on July 11 and 12 186,where Lincoln witnessed personally the dedication of a Commander who was only under Robert E. Lee, and prior to his death at Chancelorsville, General Thomas Stonewall Jackson. Lt General Early frightened Lincoln, and his administration that week.

If Early had been able to muster enough provisions to continue his advance on Washington it is likely Early would have been able to repel the Union forces enough to initiate Grant to commit additional forces to defend DC than had originally been done. Both battles Early was able to escape capture from the Union unskathed and with minimal losses.

Whereas, without any doubt to anyone who knows the details of these battles, also recognize they humiliated the Lincoln administration, General Grant and the Union forces. It also proved to Lincoln the defeat at Gettysburg was not decisive that would eliminate the risk of Lincoln and the Capture of Washington DC out of the reach of the Confederate Army.

In closing, I will leave you with a brief caption out of Lt Generals Book..
A memoir of the last year of the war for independence.

"In regard to my own services all I have to say is that I have the consciousness of having done my duty to my country to the very best of my ability and whatever may be my fate I would not exchange that consciousness for untold millions I have come into exile rather than submit to the yoke of the oppressors of my country but I have never thought of attributing aught of blame or censure to those true men who after having nobly done their duty in the dreadful struggle through which we passed now that it has gone against us remain to Bhare the misfortunes of their people and to aid and comfort them in their trials on the contrary I appreciate and honour their motives I have not sought refuge in another land from insensibility to the wrongs and sufferings of my own country but I feel deeply and continually for them and could my life secure the redemption of that country as it has been often risked so now it would be as freely given for that object There were men born and nurtured in the Southern States and some of them in my own State who took sides with our enemies and aided in desolating and humiliating the land of their own birth and of the graves of their ancestors Some of them rose to high positions in the United States Army and others to high civil positions I envy them not their dearly bought prosperity I had rather be the humblest private soldier who fought in the ranks of the Confederate Army and now maimed and disabled hobbles on his crutches from house to house to receive his daily bread from the hands of the grateful women for whose homes he fought than the highest of those renegades and traitors Let them enjoy the advantages of their present positions as best they may for the deep and bitter execrations of an entire people now attend them and an immortality of infamy awaits them As for all the enemies who have overrun or aided in overrunning my country there is a wide and impassable gulf between us in which I see the blood of slaughtered friends comrades and countrymen which all the waters in the firmament above and the seas beneath cannot wash away Those enemies have undertaken to render our cause odious and infamous and among other atrocities committed by them in the eifbrt to do so an humble subordinate poor Wirz has been selected as a victim to a fiendish spirit and basely murdered under an executive edict founded on the sentence of a vindictive and illegal tribunal Let them continue this system they are but erecting monuments to their own eternal dishonour and furnishing finger posts to guide the historian in his researches They may employ the infamous Holt with his Bureau of Military Justice to sacrifice other victims on the altars of their hatred and provost marshals and agents of the Freedman's Bureau may riot in all the license of petty tyranny but our enemies can no more control the verdict of impartial history than they can escape that doom which awaits them at the final judgment."...

... "The civilized world will find too late that its philanthropy has been all false and its religion all wrong on this subject and the people of the United States will find that under the pretence of saving the life of the nation and upholding the old flag they have surrendered their own liberties into the hands of that worst of all tyrants a body of senseless fanatics.

When the passions and infatuations of the day shall have been dissipated by time and all the results of the late war shall have passed into irrevocable history the future chronicler of that history will have a most important duty to perform and posterity while poring over its pages will be lost in wonder at the follies and crimes committed in this generation."

Lt. General Jubal A. Early

Known as General Robert E. Lee's "Bad Old Man" 1816-1894
Senator John Warwick Daniel, who served on Early's staff, eulogized him thusly: "Virginia holds the dust of many a faithful son, but not of one whom loved her more, who fought for her better, or would have died for her more willingly."

Earl Lofland,

Friday, June 17, 2011

1 to 9 is more than 536 and 50

Recently news reports have been released on what has been called a hit list for executives .. However, DHS spokesman Chris Ortman said in an email that there is no evidence of an imminent attack, but he confirmed DHS is monitoring.

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While the media promotes the implications on why a department that violates every principle and the virtue of what was created in 1776, the media continues to be in total blackout on more dangerous problems surrounding the imminent threats of a disaster equal to, or worse than what recently occurred at the Fukashima Japan Nuclear Power Plant. According to this report, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suffered a “catastrophic loss of cooling” to one of its idle spent fuel rod pools on 7 June after this plant was deluged with water caused by the historic flooding of the Missouri River which resulted in a fire causing the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) to issue a “no-fly ban” over the area.

If you were to give someone who handles Federal Reserve Notes continuously they could tell almost immediately whether or not it is counterfeit money And the same principle applies to this bogus war on terror as well. After being around it long enough, I have been capable to tell the difference in the real threats to my Rights and the counterfeit.

And most of the threats that are being generated are from the very people who are supposed to be doing all they can to ensure American people are not having their rights infringed. Violating the very vows they made to a Creator of the Universe, and the people who entrusted them to support and defend the Constitution. By being elected to protect it from all of its enemies, they have become the enemy to it.
Last election, I ran a very generic campaign, which drew the interest of some and drew a conclusive point that I was their enemy for their choice to not fulfill their solemn oath.
Now the time has come, where people are attempting to flock to their favorite man or woman on the GOP in hopes that others will be persuaded in what is nothing less than a big lie.

We have become a democracy of Mob Rules and this all began to shape in 1860. It continued on over the course of 66 years, until the Globalist bankers and corporate psuedo elite became even more determined to subjugate the powers left to the people through using the electoral process and their wealth to entice those seeking power to run for office and do their work in bringing bout despotism. Some realize that the Bolshevik Revolution was funded by the Wall Street boys and they used our troops to further bring about Stalinism. Others, though they know will attempt tofalsely accuse those who reveal this .
I have been called everything from a Constitutional Nut/ Conspiracy Nut, to Un American for revealing historical data to the public on what has been occuring over the last 150 years. Most times, it is by the very ones who are seeking to retain power of the two party Mob which has been continuously delivering injury for answers to the pleas for redress by the people that are not willing to capitulate to the Socialistic Totalitarian Agenda of the Psuedo Elite, controlling the people thorough robbing them of their Rights. While accusing those who expose this danger as the perps who are robbing votes from their party to give to the other Majority faction, all what I recently labeled as Cotton Candy Politics.

Cotton candy is a sugary strings that are filled with air giving it the appearance that there is a lot of content in such a large bag. After eating it, you have to wash your face and hands to keep from spreading a disaster all over your home or in your vehicle. You are left with a sense of hyperactivity for a short while that provides no nutritional value, and leaves you with being dehydrated, hungry, and holding a bag of sticky syrup that is good for nothing but putting trash in.
I warned of the dangers, and gave logical solutions how to correct the problems during the campaign. Here are some ideas that was brought up back in the 1930s, that I promised I would revise and re-introduce.
1 The McFadden Act
2 impeach Presidents Herbert Hoover-Obama , also introduce a resolution bringing conspiracy charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and seize all assets that were of any of their estates. to pay off the National Debt. Demand all foreign countries including china pay their loans to the US from WWI- 1929.
Mr Mcfadden introduced House Resolution No. 158, articles of impeachment for the Secretary of the Treasury, two assistant Secretaries of the Treasury, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, and the officers and directors of its twelve regional banks I proposed this resolution should be revised and updated to include every Sec of Treas from this HR158 forward. Then, follow all the prescribed ideas from Chapter 4 War Is A Racket by Major Gneral Smedley D. Butler USMC (Ret) 2 x congressional Medal of honor recipient.
STOP poking a stick in the hole of a hornet nest for political grandstanding, and do something that will actually benefit the people and revise our economic stability. Do away with the FED and seize all the Board members secretary of Treasury and directors of each of the regional banks private estates under Violating the Trading with the Enemy Act. And use those funds to pay off the national debt and give the soldiers, Veterans and their families who were either killed or maimed by these criminals actions dues and medical care they are rightfully entitled to.
Earl Lofland

Friday, June 10, 2011

Democracy is alive and rules in the US

By Earl Lofland
I don't expect most people to get this. In fact most have no clue as to what was spoken in the Bible about the Wheat and Tares.
Florida is the first state that is now going to require drug testing for welfare receivers. Some are happy thinking this is the right thing to do, and making inaccurate comments of those whom see this action as unconstitutional. Asking How is this unconstitutional, on the basis that it is completely legal a company who hires employees have to pass a drug test to get a job. And that is to support those on welfare.

They also go farther by saying If you disagree, you must have something to hide!

Many people are taught only half the facts on what this country is, By stating it is a Constitutional Republic. This can be blamed on the Dept of Educations limitation on the other part of what this Repubic is....
China, France, Russsia, Czech Republic. Poland, Iraq even Iran and North Korea are a Constitutional Republic. So if we are only that we are no different than the very countries the people are to beleive are against what we stand for.
So what exactly is our country? a Democracy? Theocracy? No, it is not supposed to be. It is a Republic but it is a Cofederated Union. This something that many have abandoned after the Second Revolution in 1865.

The Union that the original 13 states formed was confederated from bearing allegiance to any other countries in the world. This was an experiment that has drawn other countries to mold similar constitutions that are based upon what was ratified in 1787 by the central government. The Federation of the States.

Without going into a long discussion on history and the various forms of government. The theory of forcing a person to undergo a drug test before being qualified for a state program like food stamps, welfare or even medical assistance is a direct violation of the rights of individials protected under Amendment IV and V . While some suggest that it is a an entitlement, that is provided by funds that are obtained by the tax payer. The issues still surround the question whether or not this is a Democracy or a Republic. And based upon the facts that welfare programs and state assistance provisions were set in place under the New Deal, it does not matter whether or not this was intended to be a temporary or permanent program. The program while in effect, must comply with the the rights of individuals being protected who use the service provided by the State. Again, this is not a Democracy where the majority of people have control over the minority who are using state aid, And the rights of one person must be protected from the majority of those who refuse to recognize their rights. This does not imply that Welfare is a Right. Yet the program while it is im place, does have to comply to ensuring the rights of those who use the programs are not infringed.

While it seems politically correct by some to chastise someone who is on a state program it does not make that decison right. If it were right, then why stop there? Let the government demand you to serve a certain denomination or arrest you for practicing your faith. Let the Government come and bust in your door and destroy your property because you defaulted on a Student Loan.
There are people who are on the system and are not using illegal drugs nor doing anything illegal. There are some who have paid state taxes and are now faced with needing this program to assist in feeding their family. Yet if the government tells them they must give up their right of privacy or not obtain state funding, that is no different than the State creating a Danger by the very laws that wer put in place causing the economic disaster that has resulted in many families now needing the state programs, only to be exploited for the hardship that the government knowingly was accountable for causing, and then telling its victims that they are less entitled to any rights than even the Slaves who were denied their right to vote or to sit in the back of a room or bus of a business.

Would there be an outcry if those on welfare were also denied the right to vote while they are on Welfare? And what would prevent that from occuring? If you give the government an opportunity to take away one right you are saying it is open season for every right to be taken away. And that was the exact danger that the Fathers sought to prevent when they debated on the Natural rights and enclosed provisions in the Constitution, to protect Every US Citizens Rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Separation Day

We are soon to celebrate "Separation Day" in Delaware. On June 11, In Old New Castle Delaware The people will celebrate when Delaware's General Assembly passed a Resolution to throw off the old guard and fight for independence 235 years ago. The setting will have colonial rein actors present as well as a day filled with historical events, including seeing DNG's Regiment today in the Delaware 1st Regimental Militia colonial military colors.

I come from a long line of citizenry that has been residents of these three counties of Delaware, even before it was a state. (1740 approx) I also come from a long line of citizens who are from the State which was called the Palmetto State, and gave the Continental Militia the Gadsden Flag . South Carolina was requested by the Continental Army to levy moneys from the people of South Carolina to fight against despotism and join in a union of several states, that was known as the Confederated Republic, forged in 1776. While many today listen to Sarah Palin and her recantations on Paul Revere's ride. It brings to the forefront exactly why history and heritage was told to family members, from generation to generation in the Palmetto State, for the true reasons of throwing off the old guard ,and establishing a new, and a why the War Between the States was actually the Second Revolutionary War, where the first cannon fire was by the Citadel Cadets on Ft Sumter, South Carolina in 1861.
Not so surprising though, is how those who have been attempting to force the evil of despotism back upon the citizens are attempting to rewrite history. Even as I write this, people have been on Wikipedia who support Mrs. Palin, and are attempting to rewrite history according to her recantations. Though they can change books, they can’t change the memories of those who passed that heritage down from generation to generation. Family member to family member have through the ages been responsible for ensuring that their sons and daughters knew factual history and heritage to prevent those in power from having the ability to pervert and subvert actual accounts in history. Those who have argued about the War Between The States, as being to free slaves have mislead and attempted to pervert the events that led up to Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, Alabama, Louisana, and yes; Delaware and Maryland’s General Assembly to debate whether to secede. There is a very reflective path that has occurred since the Confederate States of America Disbanded from the Confederated Republic formed in 1776. Yet what the Southern States experienced was not nearly as bad as what the citizens have today. Absolute despotism has now embedded itself within every level of government, and the People - the citizenry who have elected individuals into this democracy, who continue there actions are now faced with having to decide whether they will throw off this evil or continue on in hope that the democracy that was created around 1812 would stop their totalitarian forms of despotism .

In 1860 the States were not faced with the all the abuse of despotism. The central government at that time was not abusing the “General Welfare” Clause. Today, even this has been absolutely abused and excused as being properly exercised. The citizens have had thrust upon them by their respective States, through capitulating to the same political factions controlling the central government, and the States elected factions are demanding this democracy to be enforced, which was created over 170 yrs ago. Many do not comprehend the history and rich heritage of South Carolina. Therefore, it the duty of those who have long family ties to that state, to educate the rest. The Continental Army sought the aid of South Carolina in the fight against despotism and absolute tyranny from the King of England and his parliament. South Carolina, knowing full well what was being done by a tyrant in England, they were equally concerned that a central government formed here would be any better, or possibly worse, in refusing to recognize the States and the people of the States rights. For this reason is why there were provisions made before South Carolina would agree to raising any funds to the cause; to ensure that States rights and the respective people of the State would not be infringed. Later the Amendments IX and X were also ratified when the Reprsentatives met at the federal convention in 1787. However, that promise to the States was not long lived, before the powers of majority rule began to institute unfair tariffs and tributes to the Northern states and Norther Business owners were given special entitlements while the southern agricultural industry was enslaved to be nothing more than a district of the Northern States, forced to pay tribute for being in a union that was giving entitlements unjustly to the Northern business owners to enjoy their luxurious and lavish lifestyles. While those same northern business owners were employing children and entire families; forcing them to working in sweat shops and coal mines under harsh and cruel conditions, the northern citizenry were treated unfairly, and often times far worse than the “slaves" working in the Southern Agricultural industry. Yet the northern business owner’s abusive actions were never considered as abuse and despotism, as a form of slavery. Still the farming industry of the south continued being forced to pay for the operations of an ever expanding government and the southern states constant inability to recover from the failed economic depression that began in 1819, which ultimately was the cause for the States to be forced to secede.

So, this week, I hope people will remember those who have fought, and died for liberty in the proper light, not in the way that the tyrants of absolute despotism have attempted to make you believe.
Earl Lofland,

The Justifying Causes of Secession.

In justification of the passage of an ordinance of Secession, the Convention of South Carolina adopted two papers, one reported by Mr. R. B. Rhett, being styled The Ad-dress of the people of South Carolina, assembled in Convention, to the people of the Slaveholding States of the United States," and the other, reported by Mr. C. G. Memminger, being styled "Declaration of the causes which justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union." As these official papers have historic value, they are inserted in full.

The former of these two papers is as follows:

It is seventy-three years, since the Union between the United States was made by the Constitution of the United States. During this time, their advance in wealth, prosperity and power, has been with scarcely a parallel in the history of the world. The great object of their Union, was defence against external aggressions; which object is now attained, from their mare progress in power. Thirty-one millions of people, with a commerce and navigation which explore every sea, and with agricultural productions which are necessary to every civilized people, command the friendship of the world. But unfortunately, our internal peace has not grown with our external prosperity. Discontent and contention have moved in the bosom of the Confederacy, for the last thirty-five years. During this time, South Carolina has twice called her people together in solemn Convention, to take into consideration, the aggressions and unconstitutional wrongs, perpetrated by the people of the North on the people of the South. These wrongs, were submitted to by the people of the South, under the hope and expectation, that they would be final. But such hope and expectation, have proved to be vain. Instead of producing forbearance, our acquiescence has only instigated to new forms of aggressions and outrage; and South Carolina, having again assembled her people in Convention, has this day dissolved her connection with the States, constituting the United States.

The one great evil, from which all other evils have flowed, is the overthrow of the Constitution of the United States. The Government of the United States, is no longer the Government of Confederated Republics, but of a consolidated Democracy. It is no longer a free Government, but a Despotism. It is, in fact, such a Government as Great Britain attempted to set over our Fathers; and which was resisted and defeated by a seven years� struggle for independence.

The Revolution of 1776, turned upon one great principle, self-government,�and self-taxation, the criterion of self-government. Where the interests of two people united together under one Government, are different, each must have the power to protect its interests by the organization of the Government, or they cannot be free. The interests of Great Britain and of the Colonies, were different and antagonistic. Great Britain was desirous of carrying out the policy of all nations towards their Colonies, of making them tributary to her wealth and power. She had vast and complicated relations with the whole world. Her policy towards her North American Colonies, was to identify them with her in all these complicated relations; and to make them bear, in common with the rest of the Empire, the full burden of her obligations and necessities. She had a vast public debt; she had an European policy and an Asiatic policy, which had occasioned the accumulation of her public debt; and which kept her in continual wars. The North American Colonies saw their interests, political and commercial, sacrificed by such a policy. Their interests required, that they should not be identified with the burdens and wars of the mother country. They had been settled under Charters, which gave them self-government; at least so far as their property was concerned. They had taxed themselves, and had never been taxed by the Government of Great Britain. To make them a part of a consolidated Empire, the Parliament of Great Britain determined to assume the power of legislating for the Colonies in all cases whatsoever. Our ancestors resisted the pretension. They refused to be a part of the consolidated Government of Great Britain.

The Southern States, now stand exactly in the same position towards the Northern States, that the Colonies did towards Great Britain. The Northern States, having the majority in Congress, claim the same power of omnipotence in legislation as the British parliament. "The General Welfare," is the only limit to the legislation of either; and the majority in Congress, as in the British parliament, are the sole judges of the expediency of the legislation, this "General Welfare" requires. Thus, the Government of the United States has become a consolidated Government; and the people of the Southern States, are compelled to meet the very despotism, their fathers threw off in the Revolution of 1776.

The consolidation of the Government of Great Britain over the Colonies, was attempted to be carried out by the taxes. The British parliament undertook to tax the Colonies, to promote British interests. Our fathers, resisted this pretension. They claimed the right of self-taxation their Colonial Legislatures. They were not represented in the British parliament, and, therefore, could not rightly be taxed by its legislation. The British Government, however, offered them a representation in parliament; but it was not sufficient to enable them to protect themselves from the majority, and they refused the offer. Between taxation without any representation, and taxation without a representation adequate to protection, there was no difference. In neither case would the Colonies tax themselves. Hence, they refused to pay the taxes laid by the British parliament.

And so with the Southern States, towards the Northern States, in the vital matter of taxation. They are in a minority in Congress. Their representation in Congress, is useless to protect them against unjust taxation; and they are taxed by the people of the North for their benefit, exactly as the people of Great Britain taxed our ancestors in the British parliament for their benefit. For the last forty years, the taxes laid by the Congress of the United States, have been laid with a view of subserving the interests of the North. The people of the South have been taxed by duties on imports, not for revenue, but for an object inconsistent with revenue�to promote, by prohibitions, Northern interests in the productions of their mines and manufactures.

There is another evil, in the condition of the Southern towards the Northern States, which our ancestors refused to bear towards Great Britain. Our ancestors not only taxed themselves, but all the taxes collected from them, were expended amongst them. Had they submitted to the pretensions of the British Government, the taxes collected from them, would have been expended in other parts of the British Empire. They were fully aware of the effect of such a policy in impoverishing the people from whom taxes are collected, and in enriching those who receive the benefit of their expenditure. To prevent the evils of such a policy, was one of the motives which drove them on to Revolution. Yet this British policy, has been fully realized towards the Southern States, by the Northern States. The people of the Southern States are not only taxed for the benefit of the Northern States, but after the taxes are collected, three-fourths, of them are expended at the North. This cause, with others, connected with the operation of the General Government, has made the cities of the South provincial. Their growth is paralyzed; they are mere suburbs of Northern cities. The agricultural productions of the South are the basis of the foreign commerce of the United States; yet Southern cities do not carry it on. Our foreign trade, is almost annihilated. In 1740, there were five ship yards in South Carolina, to build ships to carry on our direct trade with Europe. Between 1740 and 1779, there were built in these yards, twenty-five square rigged vessels, besides a great number of sloops and schooners, to carry on our coast and West India trade. In the half century immediately preceding the Revolution, from 1725 to 1775, the population of South Carolina, increased seven-fold.

No man can for a moment believe, that our ancestors intended to establish over their posterity, exactly the same sort of Government they had overthrown. The great object of the Constitution of the United States, in its internal operation, was, doubtless, to secure the great end of the Revolution�a limited free Government�a Government limited to those matters only, which were general and common to all portions of the United States. All sectional or local interests, were to be left to the States. By no other arrangement, would they obtain free Government, by a Constitution common to so vast a Confederacy. Yet by gradual and steady encroachments on the part of the people of the North, and acquiescence on the part of the South, the limitations in the Constitution have been swept away; and the Government of the United States has become consolidated, with a claim of limitless powers in its operations.

It is not at all surprising, such being the character of the Government of the United States, that it should assume to possess power over all the institutions of the country. The agitations on the subject of slavery, are the natural results of the consolidation of the Government. Responsibility, follows power; and if the people of the North, have the power by Congress�"to promote the general welfare of the United Staten," by any means they deem expedient�why should they not assail and overthrow the institution of slavery in the South? They are responsible for its continuance or existence, in proportion to their power. A majority in Congress, according to their interested and perverted views, is omnipotent. The inducements to act upon the subject of slavery, under such circumstances, were so imperious, as to amount almost to a moral necessity. To make, however, their numerical power available to rule the Union, the North must consolidate their power. It would not be united, on any matter common to the whole Union�in other words, on any constitutional subject�for on such subjects divisions are as likely to exist in the North as in the South. Slavery was strictly, a sectional interest. If this could be made the criterion of parties at the North, the North could be united in its power; and thus carry out its measures of sectional ambition, encroachment, and aggrandizement. To build up their sectional predominance in the Union, the Constitution must be first abolished by constructions; but that being done, the consolidation of the North, to rule the South, by the tariff and slavery issues, was in the obvious course things.

The Constitution of the United States, was an experiment. The experiment consisted, in uniting under one Government, peoples living in different climates, and having different pursuits and institutions. It matters not, how care fully the limitations of such a Government be laid down in the Constitution,�its success must at least depend, upon the good faith of the parties to the constitutional compact, in enforcing them. It is not in the power of human language to exclude false inferences, constructions and perversions in any Constitution; and when vast sectional interests are to be subserved, involving the appropriation of countless millions of money, it has not been the usual experience of mankind, that words on parchments can arrest power The Constitution of the United States, irrespective of the interposition of the States, rested on the assumption, that power would yield to faith,�that integrity would be stronger than interest; and that thus, the limitations of the Constitution would be observed. The experiment, has fairly made. The Southern States, from the commencement of the Government, have striven to keep it, within the orbit prescribed by the Constitution. The experiment, has failed. The whole Constitution, by the constructions of the Northern people, has been absorbed by its preamble. In their reckless lust for power, they seem unable to comprehend that seeming paradox�that the more power is given to the General Government, the weaker it becomes. Its strength, consists in the limitation of its agency to objects of common interest to all sections. To extend the scope of its power over sectional or local interests, is to raise up against it, opposition and resistance. In all such matters, the General Government must necessarily be a despotism, because all sectional or local interests must ever be represented by a minority in the councils of the General Government�having no power to protect itself against the rule of the majority. The majority, constituted from those who do not represent these sectional or local interests, will control and govern them. A free people, cannot submit to such a Government. And the more it enlarges the sphere of its power, the greater must be the dissatisfaction it must produce, and the weaker it must become. On the contrary, the more it abstains from usurped powers, and the more faithfully it adheres to the limitations of the Constitution, the stronger it is made. The Northern people have had neither the wisdom nor the faith to perceive, that to observe the limitations of the Constitution was the only way to its perpetuity.

Under such a Government, there must, of course; be many and endless "irrepressible conflicts," between the two great sections of the Union. The same faithlessness which has abolished the Constitution of the United States, will not fail to carry out the sectional purposes for which it has been abolished. There must be conflict; and the weaker section of the Union can only find peace and liberty, in an independence of the North. The repeated efforts made by South Carolina, in a wise conservatism, to arrest the progress of the General Government in its fatal progress to consolidation, have been unsupported, and she has been denounced as faithless to the obligations of the Constitution, by the very men and States, who were destroying it by their usurpations. It is now too late, to reform or restore the Government of the United States. All confidence in the North, is lost by the South. The faithlessness of the North for a half century, has opened a gulf of separation between the North and the South which no promises nor engagements can fill.

It gannet be believed, that our ancestors would have assented to any Union whatever with the people of the North, if the feelings and opinions now existing amongst them, had existed when the Constitution was framed. There was then, no Tariff�no fanaticism concerning negroes. It was the delegates from New England, who proposed in the Convention which framed the Constitution, to the delegates from South Carolina and Georgia, that if they would agree to give Congress the power of regulating commerce by a majority, that they would support the extension of the African Slave Trade for twenty years. African slavery, existed in all the States, but one. The idea, that the Southern States would be made to pay that tribute to their Northern confederates, which they had refused to pay to Great Britain; or that the institution of African slavery, would be made the grand basis of a sectional organization of the North to rule the South, never crossed the imaginations of our ancestors. The Union of the Constitution, was a union of slaveholding States. It rests on slavery, by prescribing a Representation in Congress, for three-fifths of our slaves. There is nothing in the proceedings of the Convention which framed the Constitution, to shew, that the Southern States would have formed any other Union; and still loss, that of they would have formed a Union with more powerful non slaveholding States, having majority in both branches of the Legislature of the Government. They were guilty of no such folly. Time and the progress of things, have totally altered the relations between the Northern and Southern States, since the Union was established. That identity of feelings, interests and institutions, which once existed, is gone. They are now divided, between agricultural�and manufacturing, and commercial States; between slaveholding, and non-slaveholding States. Their institutions and industrial pursuits, have made them, totally different peoples. That Equality in the Government between the two sections of the Union which once existed, no longer exists. We but imitate the policy of our fathers in dissolving a union with non-slaveholding confederates, and seeking a confederation with slaveholding States.

Experience has proved, that slaveholding States cannot be safe, in subjection to non-slaveholding States. Indeed, as no people can ever expect to preserve its rights and liberties, unless these be in its own custody. To plunder and oppress, where plunder and oppression can be practiced with impunity, seems to be the natural order of things. The fairest portions of the world elsewhere, have been turned into wildernesses; and the most civilized and prosperous communities, have been impoverished and ruined by anti-slavery fanaticism. The people of the North have not left us in doubt, as to their designs and policy. United as a section in the late Presidential election, they have elected as the exponent of their policy, one who has openly declared, that all the States of the United States, must be made free States or slave States. It is true, that amongst those who aided in his election, there are various shades of anti-slavery hostility. But if African slavery in the Southern States, be the evil their political combination affirms it to be, the requisitions of an inexorable logic, must lead them to emancipation. If it is right, to preclude or abolish slavery in a Territory,�why should it be allowed to remain in the States? The one is not at all more unconstitutional than the other, according to the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States. And when it is considered, that the Northern States will soon have the power to make that Court what they please, and that the Constitution never has been any barrier whatever to their exercise of power�what check can there be, in the unrestrained counsels of the North, to emancipation? There is sympathy in association, which carries men along without principle; but when there is principle�and that principle is fortified by long-existing prejudices and feelings, association is omnipotent in party influences. In spite of all disclaimers and professions, there can be but one end by the submission of the South, to the rule of a sectional anti-slavery government at Washington; and that end, directly or indirectly, must be�the emancipation of the slaves of the South. The hypocrisy of thirty years�the faithlessness of their whole course from the commencement of our union with them, shew that the people of the non-slaveholding North, are not, and cannot be safe associates of the slaveholding South, under a common Government. Not only their fanaticism, but their erroneous views of the principles of free governments, render it doubtful whether, if separated from the South, they can maintain a free government amongst themselves. Numbers with them, is the great element of free government. A majority, is infallible and omnipotent. "The right divine to rule in kings," is only transferred to their majority. The very object of all Constitutions, in free popular Government, is to restrain the majority. Constitutions, therefore, according to their theory, must be most unrighteous inventions, restricting liberty. None ought to exist; but the body politic ought simply to have a political organization, to bring out and enforce the will of the majority. This theory may be harmless in a small community, having identity of interests and pursuits; but over a vast State�still more, over a vast Confederacy, having various and conflicting interests and pursuits, it is a remorseless despotism. In resisting it, as applicable to ourselves, we are vindicating the great cause of free government, more important, perhaps, to the world, than the existence of all the United States. Nor in resisting it, do we intend to depart from the safe instrumentality, the system of government we have established with them, requires. In separating from them, we invade no rights�no interest of theirs. We violate, no obligation or duty to them. As separate, independent States in Convention, we made the Constitution of the United States with them; and as separate independent States, each State acting for itself, we adopted it. South Carolina acting in her sovereign capacity, now thinks proper to secede from the Union. She did not part with her Sovereignty, in adopting the Constitution. The last thing, a State can be presumed to have surrendered, is her Sovereignty. Her Sovereignty, is her life. Nothing but a clear, express grant, can alienate it. Inference is inadmissible. Yet it is not at all surprising, that those who have construed away all the limitations of that Constitution, should also by construction, claim the annihilation of the Sovereignty of the States. Having abolished barriers to their omnipotence, by their .faithless constructions in the operations of the General Government, it is most natural that they should endeavor to do the same towards us, in the States. The truth is, they, having violated the express provisions of the Constitution, it is at an end, as a compact. It is morally obligatory only on those, who choose to accept its perverted terms. South Carolina, deeming the compact not only violated in particular features, but virtually abolished by her Northern confederates, withdraws herself as a party, from its obligations. The right to do so, is denied by her Northern confederates. They desire to establish a sectional despotism, not only omnipotent in Congress, but omnipotent over the States; and as if to manifest the imperious necessity of our secession, they threaten us with the sword, to coerce submission to their rule.

Citizens of the slaveholding States of the United States! Circumstances beyond our control, have placed us in the van of the great controversy between the Northern and Southern States. We would have preferred, that other States should have assumed the position we now occupy. Independent ourselves, we disclaim any design or desire, to lead the counsels of the other Southern States. Providence has cast our lot together, by extending over us an identity of pursuits, interests and institutions. South Carolina, desires no destiny, separate from yours. To be one of a great Slaveholding Confederacy, stretching its arms over a territory larger than any power in Europe possesses�with a population, four times greater than that of the whole United States, when they achieved their independence of the British Empire�with productions, which make our existence more important to the world, than that of any other people inhabiting it�with common institutions to defend, and common dangers to encounter�we ask your sympathy and confederation. Whilst constituting a portion of the United States, it has been your statesmanship which has guided it, in its mighty strides to power and expansion. In the field, as in the cabinet, you have led the way to its renown and grandeur. You have loved the Union, in whose service your great statesmen have labored, and your great soldiers have fought and conquered�not for the material benefits it conferred, but with the faith of a generous and devoted chivalry. You have long lingered in hope over the shattered remains of a broken Constitution. Compromise after compromise, formed by your concessions, has been trampled under foot, by your Northern confederates. All fraternity of� feeling between the North and the South is lost, or has been converted into hate; and we, of the South, are at last driven together, by the stern destiny which controls the existence of nations. Your bitter experience, of the faithlessness and rapacity of your Northern confederates, may have been necessary, to evolve those great principles of free government, upon which the liberties of the world depend, and to prepare you for the grand mission of vindicating and re-establishing them. We rejoice, that other nations should be satisfied with their institutions. Contentment, is a great element of happiness, with nations as with individuals. We, are satisfied with ours. If they prefer a system of industry, in which capital and labor are in perpetual conflict�and chronic starvation keeps down the natural increase of population�and a man is worked out in eight years�and the law ordains, that children shall be worked only ten hours a day�and the sabre and bayonet are the instruments of order�be it so. It is their affair, not ours. We prefer, however, our system of industry, by which labor and capital are identified in interest, and capital, therefore, protects labor�by which our population doubles every twenty years�by which starvation is unknown, and abundance crowns the land-by which order is preserved by an unpaid police, and many fertile regions of the world, where the white man cannot labor, are brought into usefulness by the labor of the African, and the whole world is blessed by our productions. All we demand of other peoples is, to be let alone, to work out our own high destinies. United together, and we must be the most independent, as we are among the most important of the nations of the world United together, and we require no other instrument to conquer peace, than our beneficent productions. United together, and we must be a great, free and prosperous people, whose renown must spread throughout the civilized world, and pass down, we trust, to the remotest ages. We ask you to join us, in forming a Confederacy of Slaveholding States.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

They still not grasp Amendments II, IX and X.

Below is an article that was published in today's Delaware State News.

In reading the article I found several problems that should be addressed.
Just because Delaware State Police Captain does not see a problem with the Federal government denying a person from owning firearms. Does not mean that the threat will be there. The State should be providing protection against a Tyrannical Threat of a Federal Injunction to deny a person their right. Whether it is for an hour, day, Month or years.

There are measures that can be done for states to have access without the federal government being involved. Yet, this poses a risk for more a larger central government to be in place. It also has a clear evidence that the State politicians are too eager to surrender your rights to a central government.

And anyone of the Members in General Assembly who decide to pass any part of HB 95 is violating their oath to defend your rights protected under the State Consitution and US Constituiton. Will Delawareans oppose this measure? And when it is passed how do you reverse the damage that will be in place?

One of the major flaws include Combat veterans who are at risk of being denied their right protected under Amendment 2 of the US Constitution and Article 1 §6, as well as Article 1 §20. Right to keep and bear arms. Section 20. A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use

Earl Lofland
State Chairman
Constitution Party of Delaware

Senate OKs Gun-control Database bill.Authorizes agencies to provide information on mentaly ill individuals
DOVER- One of four gun-control bills introduced by legistators and Governor Jack Markell in February passed in the Senate Tuesday.

House Bill 48 would authorize state agencies to provide information on mentally ill individuals to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Delawre is one of 10 states that have provided no information on mentally ill individuals to the federal database. The Bill passed with 11 senators voting yes, eight voting no, one not voting and one absent.
Current Delaware law prohibits the state from sharing information with the federal database, said Sen Patricia Blevins, D-Elsemere, the Senaate floor sponsor of the bill.
Several legislators expressed concerns about the bill.
Sen. David Lawson, R. Marydell., a former gunshop owner, said he agrees that the information should be provided to the federal database but disagrees with how HB48 attempts to do so.

HB 48 will abolish the states existing firearms transaction program once the new system is established. Sen. Lawson said he feels this program should remain intact.
"I find that our state folks are doing a much better job of keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys. than the feds," he said also felt the bill should not eliminate the state Firearms Transaction Approval Program (FTAP).

"If thge bill just delt with the mentally ill issue, then, I'd Support it." he said.
While the state system is effetive Sen Blevins said it doesn't go far enough.
"I agree the state does a wonderful job, but it does it for Delaware and the other 49 states do not have access to the information," she said, "This information needs to go to other states.

Delaware State Police Capt. Jason Sapp said the federal and State processes are repetitive , and if the federal government takes over firearms approval practics there's no need for the state to retain one.

The main focus is on ensuring that the federal government has all the information," he said of HB 48. "Our process is 100-percent duplicative of the federal one Lawson said he thinks it is neccessary to ensure that the rights of Delawareans are not in jeopardy.

If an individual is denied the right to purchas a firearm and appeals that decision at the state level they have a response within a few days. This process is lengthened by a few months or even years at the federal level, Sen Lawson Said.

Sen. Bushweller, D-Dover, expressed a similar concern to Capt. Sapp.
"A right delayed is a right denied for the time that a righis is delayed, he said, That a Concern for me."

Of 432 Transactions in 2010, Capt Sapp said there were 65 denials based on mental health records and and 81 denials that were rescinde. He told members of the Senate Tuesday that he doesn't anticipate this number rising too significantly it the federal system takes over for the state system.

"I have no reason to believe that by moving to this model, we'll see a huge upswing in people denied. from purchasing weapons," he said.

Sen. Lawson Argued that the bill's sponsors should consider rescinding the original bill that prohibits the state from releasing information to the federal system insteand of creating a new law.
"Keep FTAP in place so our citizens are better served by the state" he said.

HB 95 passed with one Senate amendment, which correcteed technical errors. and will now head back to the HOuse for final approval with that amendment.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Photograph Rolling Thunder spokesperson Ted Shpak

Over the past weekend news was on Sarah Palin attending the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally in Washington DC. before any negative remarks are made on this blog I will challenge you to answer one vital question; How many times in the past 25 years has Sarah Palin attended ROLLING THUNDER? Also, before anyone makes remarks about why I think she should not be permitted to attend.
Answer another question, Why now for her desire to mingle with attendees of a somber gathering were over on million bikers attend the memorial for POW/MIA's .
The very appearance of her actions are sacreligious to the purpose of Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally.

The spokesperson Ted Shpak made valid point that should be recognized ... RTMCR is a non profit organization. It is open for anyone to attend. Yet whenever political public figures come to the event and they come riding on the back of someone elses motorcycle that is nothing more than what the Motorcycle Community label as a WANNABE!. She come as a POSER. Looking like a biker but not really a biker at all. wearing black jeans and designer rock star glasses.

Another question to be asked: If she was really interested in the the purpose of event, other than letting her pimps use it for a photo op. Why didn't she go to a local motorcycle dealership, rent a motorcycle, and drive there herself?

I have attended many Veteran memorial services in my lifetime. Even Funerals of the fallen. Ethics, Honor and Integrity demand these events should not be used to exploit those who served for a personal gain. Yet this weekend that is exactly what the pimps of Sarah Palin done by setting up her attendance to the Rally and then broadcast it on the media in the way it was done- taking away from the real purpose of the Memorial Service. It is not about her! Nor whether or not she attended she has all right to attend. It is about how she was marketed at the event. Which is no better, (actually worse) than taking little children, and exploiting them sexually for entertainment and finanical gains. Whether you agree with her or not, Sarah Palin was pimped out to the public this weekend and many of those in the motorcycle community know this, and know why.

I have never been very good at sugar coating exploitation and adultry. And that is what Sarah Palin and her Pimps done when they arrainged for her to attended the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally. If she wanted to support the organization that has put on this memorial since 1987. She should put her money where her face was this weekend! Donate her money to the Fund the late Jack Wheeler founded. Which gave Vietnam Veterans the Wall.

John "Jack" Parsons Wheeler III was a chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

Monday, May 9, 2011

Luigi's Fears

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
- Mark 13:16

There are many who have described the passages discussing when the antichrist will come and the passages and describing he how that person is revealed inside the Book of Revelations and when that time will come.

For ages people in the world have refused to study the scriptures and trusted others to teach them what the Holy Spirit teaches all and yet they have been blindly led to beleive they are spiritually sound in their beliefs while often times making remarks on who is the antichrist will be in the end times.

I will not go into a lengthy discussion to prove my case. It is up to you to decide whether or not you will choose to research the scriptures yourself and seek the Guidance of the Holy Spirit- accepting facts, or continue to believe in pagan fairy tales and false teachings that have come straight out of the mouths of devils, who for ages have decieved many who follow those in power who claim they and their laws are above God and Christ Jesus.

If you have ever wondered who the antichrist will be that is spoken of in the Revelations of John in the New Testiment. You have been decieved by those who have taught you a false doctrine and are in jeapardy of eternal damnation.
Read the book of Revelations, nowhere does the book mention the antiCcrist. It mentions Kings of the earth, the beast the false prophet and the mother of whores or adultress. Yet to find the the antichrist you must look elsewhere in the bible. It has been in the world even during the days of John the apostle. The antichrist is a spirit.

In Revelations 13 you read of a beast that has ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. But you will not find it mention the antichrist.

The recent news on Obama releasing what he attests as his long form birth certificate shows that his father a Citizen of Kenya, and a British subject disqualified him to seek the office of president and for 2 years now, one of those heads has suffered a deadly wound. In two more years the fullness of what is described in Revelation 13:3 will occur:
(3) And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast.

So what is it that occured? Simply put the head of this government (one of the 7 heads) sustained a deadly wound when power was usurped by a person who is not legally permitted to be in charge of the country.
This also has occured with the papacy of the Catholic Church. And any churches which follow any of the false doctrines that were brought about through the False Prophet the spirit of antichrist took up residence within the Vatican which continued to gain domination on a global scale through deceiving others to participate in practicing false doctrine that is mixed with pagan worship and Gods very commands.

When the papacy of the Roman empire took the same dietys they used in their pagan worship, only changing their names to the saints. Then telling followers that they were to comply with rituals that were not based upon the worship of Christ Jesus. But giving a mortal man acknowledgement tht is is equal to Christ, the spirit of antichrist prevailed over taking part in the deceptions that Paul prophesied would occur in 2 Thesalonians 2:3,4,6-9, 11,12
3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

8And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Constitution Party National Committee Urges
Virgil Goode To Seek Its Presidential Nomination!

Constitution Party National Committee Urges
Virgil Goode To Seek Its Presidential Nomination!

Virgil Goode

The National Committee of the Constitution Party, meeting in Harrisburg, PA, has, by unanimous resolution, adopted on April 30, 2011, put itself on record urging former Virginia Congressman, Virgil Goode, to seek the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party!

Immediately upon conclusion of Virgil Goode's speech; one in which he extolled the virtues of protecting America's national sovereignty, condemned foreign aid and demanded the the United States start taking care of America's problem first instead of meddling in the affairs of the rest of the world, providing a rousing climax to the 2011 Spring National Committee of the Constitution Party; a motion from the floor was made, urging Goode to seek the Constitution Party's Presidential nomination. Th motion was quickly seconded and was passed unanimously by the party's national committee.
(The full text will be available in a later edition)

This resolution should not be confused with a nomination (which can only be made by the national convention--the highest authority of the national party) nor even an outright endorsement, however it can certainly be viewed as a statement of deep appreciation for Virgil Goode's activities in the Constitution Party over the past two years and may equally be viewed as a clear statement that the National Committee views Virgil Goode as an excellent choice to be the Constitution Party nominee for President of the United States and for that reason strongly encourages him to seek its nomination.

Goode has made it clear to members in private and public comments at the meeting and prior thereto that he has a strong interest in seeking the party's nomination, though he has made no public announcement to that effect as of yet. Many Constitution Party leaders are hopeful that Goode has a strong campaign well underway by the time of the Constitution Party National Convention in mid-April of 2012, and it was hoped that this resolution would encourage him to take the steps necessary to become a full fledged candidate.

By every and enthusiasm....reception for the speakers....and simply in terms of overall accomplishment...the Spring 2011 Constitution Party National Committee Meeting and Conference in Harrisburg was considered a major triumph! Many said it was the best they ever attended, though travel for many of the members coming from the South and Midwest got off to a very rocky start due to storms across much those parts of the country.

Once everyone was finally assembled--and even before some arrived-- the meeting hit a positive stride on Friday morning with dramatic presentations by Ohio's Robert Owens, and Pennyslvania's Peg Luksik on Friday morning followed by a tour of the beautiful Pennsylvania State Capitol Building. On Friday afternoon John McManuns, president of the John Birch Society, provided a sobering picture of the history of the United Nations and Chelene Nightingale put the magic of her dynamic personality on display during a powerfully motivational address where she reviewed her 2010 campaign for Governor in California and exhorted everyone to continue to make the greatest possible effort to build the Constitution Party.

The Friday Night banquet featured a lively auction conducted by Midwestern StatesCo-Chairmen, Randy Stufflebeam (IL) and Scott Bartlett (SD) which raised money for the national committee's operational fund.

The featured speaker, Sheriff Richard Mack received a thunderous standing ovation after he completed his address on the role of the County Sheriff in saving our Republic. Mack endorsed numerous Constitution Party candidates in 2010, It is certainly hoped that he will not be a stranger at Constitution Party events in the future. Many at the meeting voiced a hope that he would play a high profile role for the Constitution Party in the upcoming 2012 election.

Also highlighting the banquet were two awards presented to three term national CP chairman, Jim Clymer--the America First Award presented on behalf the the Constitution Party's National Veterans Coalition and the Excellence in Leadership Award presented on behalf of the Lancaster (PA) County Committee of the Constitution Party.

The energy remained at a high level on Saturday the 3oth. The morning was kicked-off with an informative and entertaining portrait of Pennsylvania provided by Jim Panyard, former President of the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Association, followed by an intriguing and warmly received review of the current political situation, including the work of the so-called Human Rights Tribunals, provided by Victor Chiasson a political conservative from Ottawa Canada with very close ties to the Constitution Party. Without a doubt, Dr.Taylor Haynes of Wyoming, who secured about 8% of the vote as a write-in candidate for Governor in 2010 was one of the real crowd favorites. A newcomer to the Constitution Party, Dr. Haynes is a man of enormous personal accomplishment--any one of the items on his lengthy resume' would probably thrill most us--yet great humility. His discussion of the 2010 campaign, which he centered on the Constitution and the Ten Commandments, inspired everyone in attendance. Darrell Castle provided an information packed overview of the situation in the Middle East raising very justifiable questions concerning the role that has been played by the United States over the years in the part of the world. His presentation brought specific praise from the last speaker, former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode who, as noted above said that it is time that America start taking care of its own serious problems rather than trying to cure the rest of worlds ails. The general consensus was that it was Goode's finest and most powerful address since he first started attending Constitution Party national meetings in 2009 and was a portent of great things to come.

The following is gallery (of admittedly tiny photos) collected from the Constitution Party's official Facebook page. These and many more are available on that Facebook page and in larger dimensions, too. It looks like you may have to guess which names go where. (We tried, but the sub-titles seem to get scrambled on transmission)


Indiana Constitution Party State Organization Meeting

Saturday, May 14 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Ryan's Steakhouse
655 N. Shadeland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN

Please plan to arrive by 12:00pm noon Eastern Standard Time to enjoy lunch with others from our state party (cost of lunch is at your expense). Pay for your meal and then check-in at the check-in table in the back room where we are meeting. Then you are free to get your lunch and fellowship with others from our party.

Official meeting to begin shortly after 1:00pm. Schedule includes election of officers, approval of by-laws, discussion of state party platform, candidacy/ballot access laws, publicity, fundraising and more.

Only members who have filled out their membership applications and have paid their membership dues will be eligible to vote. Must be present to vote. Membership applications will be posted on our website or e-mailed to those on our e-mail list two weeks before the meeting. Guests are allowed to attend and observe.

More details coming soon so stay tuned. Please put this important meeting on your calendar now! If you would like to carpool with others from your area, please e-mail us at

If you have friends or relatives in Indiana please encourage them to support this event with their attendance. Our new Indiana contact, Audrey Queckboerner, has done a magnificent job in bringing the Constitution Party out of the doldrums and the shadows in Indiana and into the light of energetic political activity. She is greatly deserving of everyone's support!


2011 Georgia Constitution Party
State Convention This Saturday!

Georgia Constitution Party
State Chairman, Ricardo Davis

Atlanta - Radio talk show host and religious liberty activist Dr. Jody Hice stated, "The problem of lawlessness, injustice, and graft in our government is rooted in a cultural rejection of God and His moral law. The belief in God calls each of us to a higher authority than ourselves. When our elected officials reject this truth then they are only restrained by negative press that would impact their re-election campaign." Dr. Hice will be one of the leaders addressing the 2011 Constitution Party of Georgia State Convention in Austell on May 7th.

State Chairman Ricardo Davis, who represented the state Georgia at the recent 2011 National Committee Meeting in Harrisburg, PA, noted, "Morality and ethics rooted in the message and Gospel of Jesus Christ was at the foundation of America's system of law and government. It reminds us that elected officials are but stewards of unalienable rights and will stand accountable to Him. Dr. Hice understands that for our state and local government to remove itself from accountability to God is to say they can 'do what is right in their own eyes.' Because Dr. Hice has been a public champion in defense of our liberties we have asked him speak at our convention on why the Gospel must be the foundation of our efforts to restore the American Republic."

Dr. Hice has been at the forefront of some of the cultural battles here in Georgia. In the area of religious liberty he was one of the leading spokesmen in Barrow County's fight with the ACLU over the right to post the Ten Commandments at the courthouse. During that time he founded Ten Commandments Georgia to inform citizens in Georgia of the moral issues facing Georgians and illustrate the legal, political, and spiritual consequences of inaction. He also hosts a daily radio program entitled "The Jody Hice Show," an outreach of Let Freedom Ring Ministries, a program dedicated to informing listeners of the moral, Constitutional and religious liberty issues facing our nation.

Davis continued, "The Constitution Party of Georgia is the only political party that in its platform 'gratefully acknowledges the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Creator, Preserver and Ruler of the Universe and of these United States.' Some political parties want the unalienable rights that serve as the foundation of our Constitution but suppress the fact memorialized in the Declaration of Independence that these rights are given to us by our Creator God to whom our Founders were accountable. Others give lip service to such an acknowledgement but by their actions they reject the Creator's moral law and trample on our rights."

Other speakers include Michael Griffin, Legislative Director of Georgia Right to Life, and Jeff Rayno, former Chatham County Commissioner and Coordinator of the Coastal Empire Constitution Party. The State Convention will be held May 7th at Calvary Baptist Church, 4780 Flint Hill Road in Austell. The cost is $10/person or $30/family. The convention starts at 9 a.m. and ends 4:30 p.m. For more information call 404-671-8502 or visit

Contact Information:
Candy Wallace

And, last but definitely NOT LEAST.....

HELP BILL ATKINSON WIN IN ALABAMA!! GIVE HIM YOUR CALLS, YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND YOUR PRAYERS!!! Contact Josh Cassity--Alabama CP Chairman to find out how you can help NOW...
Phone: 334-341-7165


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It is what it is; But it proves our point even more.

There is more evidence the suggests what occured in Pakistan was a false flag operation, than an actual S.E.A.D. operation to find Usama Bin Ladin. (This is the correct spelling in accordance to FBI and Intel records)

Yea, "Conspiracy Theory"....... I know, Guess what?

That is information that is based on several top advisors and world leaders, as well as reports published throughout the years stating Bin Ladin died long before 2011
Most recently a statement from Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, (Nixon, Ford and Carter), while also working under Reagan and Bush senior, and still works as a consultant for the Department of Defense. Dr Pieczenik also served in the US Navy holding the rank of Captain. Dr. Pieczenik also achieved two prestigious Harry C. Solomon Awards at the Harvard Medical School as he simultaneously completed a PhD at MIT.

(Just one added note for all you Tom Clancy Fans:The character of Jack Ryan, who appears in of the Tom Clancy novels and the Charachter played by Harrison Ford in the popular 1992 movie Patriot Games; that was also based on Dr. Steve Pieczenik).

Dr. Pieczenik stated Osama Bin Laden died in 2001. He is also prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job.
Don't expect the government to challenge him though. if anything, they will just do as they have done in the past to paid staff members who actually go rouge and can't be recalled.)

Pieczenik said that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, “Not because special forces had killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had marfan syndrome,” The US government knew Bin Laden was dead before they invaded Afghanistan.

I was going to post some medical reports that are public record on Usama earlier. But thought, what's the use? People are going to believe what they want.

However, I can't let Bush or Obama be awarded any credit for something NEITHER RIGHTFULLY DESERVE.

Marfan syndrome is a degenerative genetic disease for which there is no permanent cure. The illness severely shortens the life span of the sufferer. This is only one of many chronic medical problems Osama has suffered with. Even during his tenure as a paid operative for the CIA under the Carter years. when We were attempting to take over Afghanistan, (wait! you told it was to liberate Afghanistan).

So what actually occured in the assault?

Someone was obviously murderd, in Pakistan, according to the reports where the man was unarmed; in cold blood as well

Who? We can presume whoever it was matched the discription of Ladin.

6'-4" about 190 lbs Dark black-gray hair olive colored skin, Walks with a gait, due to injuries he sustained in an auto accident where his Chrysler went into a cul de sac when he was about 18 old. inter alia.

Was it a Pakistan Citizen? We won't know the body was dumped off the side of a ship withouth any other independent proof other than the US Governments saying it was Osama. (Who knows? Maybe the guys name was Osama, and not Usama we won't know that now the evidence is somewhere in the belly of a fish or on the bottom of the ocean.)

It may be just some ordinary old man, a grandfather? a peson sitting in their upper room just relaxing when Double BOOM BOOM .

I don't expect people to understand all this unless they have even a remote understanding of what occurs in the human body during this type of mission.

This administration should be held accountable for any actions that were done in violaton of International laws. Just as Bush should have been

War Crimes! for falsifying reports that sent US Military into Iraq.

This is not the fault of the Seal Team for this either. The Blame goes right to the top! just as it should have been done with Bush

Put them all in a bucket shake um up and you won't see any difference in the two.

Team VI followed orders as they were to believe came from someone other than an usurper of the positon Commander in Chief.

(evidence based upon SR 511 and His recent actions just days prior releasing a document showing his father was not a US Citizen).

Why was the body dumped off the side of a ship?

It shold have been handed over to a Mosque. Given the same Rights as was given to Saddam Hussein.

And for those who do not know; Osama was never officially charged by the FBI for the Sept 11, attacks

There is too many conflicting reports on what happened during the operation. that the average ordinary person putting themselves in the investigation seat:

if you are under investigation for a criminal activity by the police and give conflicting reports what happens?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The body with a mortal wound

Over the past two days what I will define as the Main Green Moos has been reporting more on the topic of Osama Bin Laden . When I describe the odds of Osama Bin Laden living 14 years on a dialysis machine It seems people attempt to catagorize the evidence as a "Conspiracy Theory".

To define this as a "Conspriacy Theory" is actually a moot issue. The simple fact remains the conpiracy to destroy the United States from within has been proven and the Constitution Republic of the 50 states of these United States was completely destroyed on Jan 20, 2008.

However, the Moot topic of Bin Laden is still just a well thought out devise to cause diversion, shifting attention from Americans away from the real problem the people in the 50 states are now faced with. promoting deniablity as a plausible option.

A body with a mortal wound to its head that will be revived in 2012. (Where is that spoken of again? Revelations?)

Americans have witnessed a deadly problem that has been ongoing since 2008, much worse than the 14 plus trillion dollar deficit that our country owes. Much more dangerous than the broken promise of cutting spending and the size of goverment.
More dangerous even, than the Patriot Act and TSA; The Federal Reserve giving 5 or more billion dollars to LIbya; or China deciding to stop purchasing T Notes and OPEC's decison to cut back oil production All this combined is but a small spec on the chart that defins a "Conspracy" or better labled as the Destruction of the United States from within.

Just days prior to the news of Navy Seal Team 6 being involved in a firefight in Paakistan crossing over the border of a soveriegn country to inaugerate an act of war upon a country with nuclear weapons of Mass Destruction. Something was proven. beyond a shadow of doubt!

The US was overtaken in Jan. 2008 by a foreign entity.

While you sit ranting and chanting about the elite team who has been trained to preserve the Constitution attacked some crippled old man who was less likely to walk anywhere let along be alive!

While the Psyop teams escalated himto a so called Gigantic King Pin of terror, who was never officially charged with having any involvment with what occured on Sept 11, 2001. Who by all rights when you read his medical history, has been dead for over 10 years.

I don't like Bush, Any more than I liked Obama for President, but Osama died during his administrations tenure and not Obama. Bin Laden either died in the attacks at Tora Bora, or died from kidney failure, Lung Cancer and or Congenative Heart Congestion based upon the well publicised medical records of OBL's Past dating back to when The US was an officially paid operative of the US Government along with his militia known as the "Afghan Freedom Figthers" who led a fight and assisted in conjunction with the US Government to set up the Taliban in Afghanistan in the mid 1980's in the first place!

According to the recent document Mr Obama Jr relesed, Mr Barrak H. Obama Sr. was born in and was a citizen of Kenya (UK) making BH Obama Jr (AKA Barry Soetoro) a Dual Citizen.

To further add more conclusive evidence to this issue, When Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, III were running for President, in accordance to the very Senate Resolution Mr. Obama and every US Senator voted in the affirmative on (SR 511) It states, to be eligible for the office of POTUS a person must be:

1 Born in the United States or one of its territories that has no allegience to another country.

2 Born of Two US Citizens (NOT ONE! BUT TWO)

Therefore Mr. Obama when he stated that this recent document was his LONG FORM Birth Certificate. and it was time to stop the silliness because we have more important things to address. We now have a very important problem that Maybe, since everyone is so intelligent to think those they called "Birthers" were nothing more than a bunch of Conspiracy theorists..

Lets hear from the peanut squad; how they plan to figure out what to do to fix this Major Screw UP that Most Americans can share the blame for causing and not fixing until it is now most likely too late!

Mr. Obama just gave the conclusive evidence to the entire world, proving he is at very least a Dual Citizen. And If the records related to his adoption with Lolo Soetoro were brought out in public. Obama AKA Soetoro may actually be in the US Illegally, and illegally seated in the WH.

This is not me saying this, this is what has been reported by the Associated Press and other news agencies, only confirming what "Birthers" have investigating and demanding answers on.
That in fact his father B.H. Obama Sr was attending Harvard while he was a Citizen of Kenya and a subject of the British Crown.

But Hey! Whats the big deal right?

The man that your tax dollars under Carter Reagan Bush were funding to operate and train the M'jahadeen later to became "The Toilet" (arabic for al Quaeda). And to put in power the Taliban is more important than something like the US Constitution