Monday, February 21, 2011

Public v Private and home schooling

As Americans are witnessing in Wisconsin, soon this will spread into other states as well. The Protest in Wisconsin is a political struggle between the people of the state vs State union workers who are a part of the state operated education system.

Remember, in all things, where there are two or more oppents it should be recognized as a war:

"War is the means to an end . And that end is always governed by Politics".
Sun Tzu.

Just as a sword has two edges, so does political struggles. And what took place when Americans marched on Washington DC and to the town hall meetings opposing bigger government, SEIU, and laws that were being passed without reading the bills, gave a blow to the Train wreck agenda of government attempting to take control over the people.

I am posting a video here .
Pay attention to the footage about 45-60 seconds into the news cast, the upper balcony where you will see a flag hanging over the railing.
Why has someone hung a flag from Puerto Rico over the banister in a Wisconsin Sate Building?

This protest is being managed by a perspective managment team!
The objective for the flag is to generate racial tension against their opponents. It is a tactic that has been used for centuries. by attacking anyone who opposes this movement as discriminating against hispanics or other minorities in order to achieve giving the public this false perception, there has to be something put in place to persuade their argument. (A False flag- in this case the flag of Puerto Rico).

If any governor who faces what is happening now in Madison WI is dedicated at saving their state, he will have to "destroy it in order to save it".
This is a war tactic. That I will explain

The strategy would include dismantling the public school system in the state. By Placing all the students on a temporary vacation, similar to what FDR done with the Banks during the great depression; through the governor(s) signing several executive orders.

Giving the private schools in their state adequate time to hire ample teachers and other staffing,
Also to begin a transition of state school property either purchased or leased to private schools (Creating a boost in the private sector job market growth)

Taking tax dollars that are already appropriated for state funded schools to operate during this and the upcoming fiscal year and transfering those funds into vouchers, for parents and guardians to use for students to be transferred into a private school of the parent/Guardians choice, with as little harmed in the students education.
Keeping the Board of Education in the state only in the capacity of supervising state mandated studies required by the state, and taught in the private charter and home schooling programs.

State employees funded through the states education system would then be terminated effective immediately (with UI compensation for 26 weeks) and given the responsibility of seeking gainful employment within that 26 weeks in a competitive private market. Instead of contributing to the problems related to the ever growing size of government and forcing the state to continually increase in taxes to help pay for the failing public schools system.

Wisconsin could be the first beta test state for such a remarkable idea, that could build and grow in popularity from state to state.

This would also decrease students being "Fundamentally illiterate" as the recent statistics are showing, where over 59 million people in America who have graduated high school, and are either "semi fundamentally illiterate or Fundamentally illiterate".
It has also been proven students who are taught in private schools are at a higher grade level in learning than those in the public schools. While increasing the students literacy and learning skills, this alo would take on the task to downsize the state government; Decreasing the need for higher taxes; targeting these problems at a state level first.

Ground up principles.

This is where Delawareans and other states need to support any governors who would recognize such an idea now. Or, find someone to back as their states governor in 201 who would enact this experiment. It would also be crucial to have an Attorney General who would be supportive of these Governors and this proposed experiment as well.
Earl Lofland

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