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Capitis Maximus Diminutio Are You A Citizen of the Delaware Coporation USA, INC?

Capitis Maximus Diminutio is ancient Roman law which relates to Corporations
Just that alone is a topic of detailed discussion that has been recorded by many others And I will post several video links at the bottom of this blog for you to watch, so you are more able to understand just how much has been done over the past 155 years.

Amendment 14 was never ratified in accordance to the Articles of the Constitution There were not enough votes to pass this Amendment. Yet we are to believe it is not only legal, we are to believe it has made men free.
First question that needs to be answered is if all men are not free before the Amendment then why is it that in the Declaration of Independence it clearly stated that ALL men (not reflecting sex but humans) we given inelinable rights by their Creator. Some will explain that we had no due process of law before the Amendment. This too is incorrect for in Amendment V it clearly states that you will have the rights of Due Process of Law where the government shall not deny you the right of Life Liberty and the pursuit of gaining property (happiness).
One final question to ask, If you are now free and have Due Process of Law attempt to purchase a good or product and refuse to pay the taxes on that good or property.
You have to enter into a Contract and if you do not enter into the entire contract or agree to the entire contract then that contract is Null and Void.
Apply for a Credit Card or a Loan. It will ask you if you are a US Citizen if you refuse to answer that question you will be denied. If you lie you are also violating the law. So how do you determine who are US Citizens?

Look on your bank statements your credit card or any business mail. All corporations names are in Captial letters. This is based upon the Roman Law known as Capitus Maximus Diminutio Only Coproations Dead People and Slaves have their names in Capital letters. Look at your Drivers License your bank statements anything that comes from a business and notice your name. If you go to court and you receieve a Court "DOCKET" Notice the spelling of your name. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. The reason for this is due what has happening in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since 1871.

Amendment XIV is actually about Incorporating you the individual. It is an illegal Amendent that violates the organic constitution of and for these united States of America. because it was not properly radified by the States.
Admirality Law and Law of the Land are two seperate laws
If you have a Law dictionary Look at the word Bench in Latin it means Banco (BANK) The court is nothing but an adminstrator of the Delaware Corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Below is a liste some of the Corporations
For Profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 7/12/33
File No. 0325720

Non-profit Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 9/13/14
File No. 0042817

For Profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 3/9/83
File No. 2004409

For-profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 8/22/80
File No. 0897960

For-profit Delaware Statutory Trust
Incorporation Date 10/24/95
File No. 2554768

For-Profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date: 11/13/89
File No. 2213135

Non-profit Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 4/19/89 File No. 2193946

Look at #1 the paragraph has a link "click here for status on the web." From there, at the end of the first paragraph "receive a status inquiry on line, CLICK HERE." It takes you to 'General Inform...ation Name Search.') Keep in mind - these are just some of the listings I could found. For example, I tracked down the Bureau of Engraving and Printing - in the state of Texas (foreign corp from the District of Columbia). This means, as 'citizens,' we are assets of the corporation. It doesn't matter who is in office, the board of directors and the shareholders own and run the country - just as in any other corporation. Roosevelt's quote has an entirely different meaning now: "The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the days of Andrew Jackson."

THIS IS WHY GITMO SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN! and all prisoners Freed!

Each of the above CORPORATIONS are an entity that must file State of Delaware tax returns to the Division of Revenue in the state of Delaware. If you were to look at the tax auditors office the Non Profit Corporation known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has not filed a tax return in the state for which it is incorporated (Delaware, The very state I reside in- BTW, I am a retired Tax Professional I am still recognized as such by the Dept of Treasury. EIN 52-20146)

The Non Profit Corporation of the Central Intelligence Authority, Inc (CIA) is also a Registered Corporation in the state of Delaware.
If you are not a resident of Alaska Hawaii, or living within the 10 mile track of land known as Washington DC unless you submit a false document, stating you are a US Citizen and reside in these areas, the Corporations Jurisdiction is not applicable to you. And if you have falsified your resident status the contract is also null and void in accordance to Contract Law.

If the Corporations jurisdiction and these agencies also are operating outside their jurisdiction they are operating in violation of the law. Tresspassing!

Question : Is Gitmo a recognized Territory of the UNITED STATES OF AMERCIA?
Where is GITMO Located?
Location of Gitmo is Cuba, The Answer to is it a recognized Territory of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NO it is not.
So how could this issue be tresspassing, if Cuba allows the US to operate there?
Gitmo is a hosted site shouldn't the laws of Cuba prevail?
Start a Business and attempt to do business in CUBA. Watch how fast the Corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and its subsidiaries seize arrest you and seize your property.

Also another test is to see if you actually own anything. stop paying taxes and see how fast the Illegal arm of the corporation comes and seizes the goods you have purchased.

It is illegal to do any business with CUBA! That was also passed into law when the Corporaton USA, Inc. decided to sanction Cuba after the Whole Bay of Pigs thing.

The easiest way to know if Gitmo is a Territory of the Corporation USA, INC. is to look at who represents it in Congress. Guam has a someone Puerto Rico. the Somoian Islands. But Does Cuba? or Gitmo?
Answer NO
Therefore, if Gitmo has no representative(s) in Congress It is an area where the Corp. USA is illegally conducting business Therefore operating illegally. And tresspassing.

All of property that is titled to the USA, INC or its subsidiaries, located in each state must pay a foreign Corporation Income Tax or they MUST at very least file a Tax return showing they are not a business that has made any capital gains. i.e property or revenue.
If the entity or any of its subsidities are making a profit, and listed as a 501 Organization Then they have also violated the IRC (Internal Revenue Code related to 501 corporations).

If any of the above listed corporations have operated outside their legal jurisdiction their actions MUST Be so ordered by the people to cease and Disist immediately!
How? A Citizens Grand Jury is one means that is constitutionally entitled to the people. as a protection against an abusive government and its employees, i.e CEO VP board members and administrators of the Corporation USA, INC.
Any individuals who were apprehended by the CIA or any other subsidiary of the Corporation UNITED STATES of AMERICA are being denied their 6th Amendment Rights.

This has recently been determined by the cases of the detainees being tried in a federal court in NY. An entity with adminstrators also operating beyond its jurisdiction (outside of Hawaii, Alaska and DC).
The only place any detainees can be tried are in
Alaska Hawaii or Washington DC in accordance to operating legally under the ACT of 1871

So if you agree that your states rights are under the jurisdiction of the Corporation that was created Feb. 21, 1871 by an Act of the 41st US Congress; Section 34 Session III Chapers 61 and 62, by passing an "Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia" also known as The Act of 1871, why is it that each politician will talk of reducting the National debt and yet they refuse to address the problem of removing the very thing that has caused the problems; Known as the Federal Reserve?

Only the people living in territories that became States since 1871 are applicable to being under the jurisdiction of the Corporation USA, Inc. through the Act of 1871 Now do you realize why Sarah Palin has been promoted so strongly?
And why there is so much information on Barak Obama that is not being released by HI?
And why at this time the VP of the Corporation is from the State of Incorporation for The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC when the state of Delaware committed Treason by allowing the Incorporating of the Non Profit Organiation United States of America?

Non-profit Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 4/19/89 File No. 2193946
CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AUTHORITY INC. (CIA)For Profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 3/9/83
File No. 2004409

According to State of Delaware's Tax Auditors ofice records last researched; the Non Profit Corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS IN DEFAULT OF PAYING STATE TAXES TO THE State of Delaware's Division of Revenue. Yet no legal action has been demanded by the states Governor Tax Auditor General Assembly County Sheriff Court of Chancellory et al.

It is paramount that you know the difference between the Organic Constitution and the Corporate Constitution that was illegaly passed; without a CON CON, and did not abolish the Original Constitution of the 13 Colonies!
Look at the Declaration of Independence. Note the spelling the united States of the Thirteen Colonies.
The spelling is NOT A TYPO it is ancient ROMAN LAW called
Capitis Maximus Diminutio
Then look up how corrupted the Judicial system has become.
Judges are appointed to sit on the BENCH. In latin that word Bench is Banco (BANK) That means they are nothing more than the administrators for the coporation who are in charge of the revenues. And if the administrators they are negligent in filing the Tax Returns required by the Internal Revenue Codes in the US Code and Delaware Code.
If you do enough research, you will also discover the courts are operating under Maritime Law. And the administrators and the very teir that is to proect your rights are no a court that recognizes the Laws of the Land.
This is the reason you see the Yellow fring that is around the US Flags and has been placed on them illegally since the end of WWII.
Admirality Law.

They are supposed to recognize individuals rights and State rights in accordance to Amendments IX and X! Yet, it is argued that the 10th amendment is null and void due to Amendment XIV. Which was never "Ratified in accordance to the Articles in the Constitutio (rules of adding an amendment to the Constitution).

Some state that the politicians must be made aware of this that they surely do not understand what has happened.

As for them not understanding the system.
Actually the Esquires in this country who have been elected are counting on and attempting to distract the people from understanding this treasonous Act.

Here is something that most do not realize.
In accordance to the Articles of the Constitution, No person holding an office of the government is permitted to be awarded a title of nobility from a King or other country.
This wold include Knighthood and other titles and deeds. Benjamin Franklin was offered a seat in Parliment and refused it. This was because it was an act known as conflict of interest, that would later be deemed, when the Colonies delcared Independence from GB as someone who held a dual allegiance to another country besides the interests of the people of the colonies.
Colin Powell, Ted Kennedy and many others including Geo HW Bush have been awarded Knighthood there are governors who also have recieved this title as with othertitles form other countries. Even Barak Obama recieved an eligal title of Nobilty, The Noble Peace Prize a title of recognition from another country, that must be approved by Congress for the person recieving it to accept it. (Congress, wo is supposed to be the respective voice of the people.)

So why didn't any member in Congress demand these titles be refused, and returned back to the country of origin after they were awarded? Why is it that the announcements on the Congressonal Floor that these indiviuals were recieving these titles and deeds, recieved staning applauds from all members of our Congress?
No, They clearly show, they know what they are doing.

The majority of members in congress are titled Esquires, and that too is a title of nobility (English Law) and is illegal for a person to hold and be a member of the government that is of the people by and for the people .

We should do away with the Federal Reserve! And we should get back to the Organic Constitution!
We wouldn't have Standing Armies on our own soi more than 2 years. and we should not be sending our military to follow a flag for corporations dating back to the Spanish American War.
If we were not under this treasonous Bankers ACT known as the Act of 1871.


  1. I have a question. What if you name of your birth certificate is spelled like the following: LA WONDA LA RENEE WHITE? So all your life you have spelled it La Wonda La Renee White? Would that be a problem of you were in the process of gaining Power of Attorney of your corporation?

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