Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The body with a mortal wound

Over the past two days what I will define as the Main Green Moos has been reporting more on the topic of Osama Bin Laden . When I describe the odds of Osama Bin Laden living 14 years on a dialysis machine It seems people attempt to catagorize the evidence as a "Conspiracy Theory".

To define this as a "Conspriacy Theory" is actually a moot issue. The simple fact remains the conpiracy to destroy the United States from within has been proven and the Constitution Republic of the 50 states of these United States was completely destroyed on Jan 20, 2008.

However, the Moot topic of Bin Laden is still just a well thought out devise to cause diversion, shifting attention from Americans away from the real problem the people in the 50 states are now faced with. promoting deniablity as a plausible option.

A body with a mortal wound to its head that will be revived in 2012. (Where is that spoken of again? Revelations?)

Americans have witnessed a deadly problem that has been ongoing since 2008, much worse than the 14 plus trillion dollar deficit that our country owes. Much more dangerous than the broken promise of cutting spending and the size of goverment.
More dangerous even, than the Patriot Act and TSA; The Federal Reserve giving 5 or more billion dollars to LIbya; or China deciding to stop purchasing T Notes and OPEC's decison to cut back oil production All this combined is but a small spec on the chart that defins a "Conspracy" or better labled as the Destruction of the United States from within.

Just days prior to the news of Navy Seal Team 6 being involved in a firefight in Paakistan crossing over the border of a soveriegn country to inaugerate an act of war upon a country with nuclear weapons of Mass Destruction. Something was proven. beyond a shadow of doubt!

The US was overtaken in Jan. 2008 by a foreign entity.

While you sit ranting and chanting about the elite team who has been trained to preserve the Constitution attacked some crippled old man who was less likely to walk anywhere let along be alive!

While the Psyop teams escalated himto a so called Gigantic King Pin of terror, who was never officially charged with having any involvment with what occured on Sept 11, 2001. Who by all rights when you read his medical history, has been dead for over 10 years.

I don't like Bush, Any more than I liked Obama for President, but Osama died during his administrations tenure and not Obama. Bin Laden either died in the attacks at Tora Bora, or died from kidney failure, Lung Cancer and or Congenative Heart Congestion based upon the well publicised medical records of OBL's Past dating back to when The US was an officially paid operative of the US Government along with his militia known as the "Afghan Freedom Figthers" who led a fight and assisted in conjunction with the US Government to set up the Taliban in Afghanistan in the mid 1980's in the first place!

According to the recent document Mr Obama Jr relesed, Mr Barrak H. Obama Sr. was born in and was a citizen of Kenya (UK) making BH Obama Jr (AKA Barry Soetoro) a Dual Citizen.

To further add more conclusive evidence to this issue, When Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, III were running for President, in accordance to the very Senate Resolution Mr. Obama and every US Senator voted in the affirmative on (SR 511) It states, to be eligible for the office of POTUS a person must be:

1 Born in the United States or one of its territories that has no allegience to another country.

2 Born of Two US Citizens (NOT ONE! BUT TWO)

Therefore Mr. Obama when he stated that this recent document was his LONG FORM Birth Certificate. and it was time to stop the silliness because we have more important things to address. We now have a very important problem that Maybe, since everyone is so intelligent to think those they called "Birthers" were nothing more than a bunch of Conspiracy theorists..

Lets hear from the peanut squad; how they plan to figure out what to do to fix this Major Screw UP that Most Americans can share the blame for causing and not fixing until it is now most likely too late!

Mr. Obama just gave the conclusive evidence to the entire world, proving he is at very least a Dual Citizen. And If the records related to his adoption with Lolo Soetoro were brought out in public. Obama AKA Soetoro may actually be in the US Illegally, and illegally seated in the WH.

This is not me saying this, this is what has been reported by the Associated Press and other news agencies, only confirming what "Birthers" have investigating and demanding answers on.
That in fact his father B.H. Obama Sr was attending Harvard while he was a Citizen of Kenya and a subject of the British Crown.

But Hey! Whats the big deal right?

The man that your tax dollars under Carter Reagan Bush were funding to operate and train the M'jahadeen later to became "The Toilet" (arabic for al Quaeda). And to put in power the Taliban is more important than something like the US Constitution

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