Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Photograph Rolling Thunder spokesperson Ted Shpak

Over the past weekend news was on Sarah Palin attending the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally in Washington DC. before any negative remarks are made on this blog I will challenge you to answer one vital question; How many times in the past 25 years has Sarah Palin attended ROLLING THUNDER? Also, before anyone makes remarks about why I think she should not be permitted to attend.
Answer another question, Why now for her desire to mingle with attendees of a somber gathering were over on million bikers attend the memorial for POW/MIA's .
The very appearance of her actions are sacreligious to the purpose of Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally.

The spokesperson Ted Shpak made valid point that should be recognized ... RTMCR is a non profit organization. It is open for anyone to attend. Yet whenever political public figures come to the event and they come riding on the back of someone elses motorcycle that is nothing more than what the Motorcycle Community label as a WANNABE!. She come as a POSER. Looking like a biker but not really a biker at all. wearing black jeans and designer rock star glasses.

Another question to be asked: If she was really interested in the the purpose of event, other than letting her pimps use it for a photo op. Why didn't she go to a local motorcycle dealership, rent a motorcycle, and drive there herself?

I have attended many Veteran memorial services in my lifetime. Even Funerals of the fallen. Ethics, Honor and Integrity demand these events should not be used to exploit those who served for a personal gain. Yet this weekend that is exactly what the pimps of Sarah Palin done by setting up her attendance to the Rally and then broadcast it on the media in the way it was done- taking away from the real purpose of the Memorial Service. It is not about her! Nor whether or not she attended she has all right to attend. It is about how she was marketed at the event. Which is no better, (actually worse) than taking little children, and exploiting them sexually for entertainment and finanical gains. Whether you agree with her or not, Sarah Palin was pimped out to the public this weekend and many of those in the motorcycle community know this, and know why.

I have never been very good at sugar coating exploitation and adultry. And that is what Sarah Palin and her Pimps done when they arrainged for her to attended the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally. If she wanted to support the organization that has put on this memorial since 1987. She should put her money where her face was this weekend! Donate her money to the Fund the late Jack Wheeler founded. Which gave Vietnam Veterans the Wall.

John "Jack" Parsons Wheeler III was a chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

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