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The continued theater for independence

Constitution Party of Delaware (CPoD)

We the members of all alternate parties have witnessed the agenda behind the political science our General Assembly members have embarked upon from what some may consider both sides of the Aisle. Others consider them a basket full of fruit falling from the same poisonous tree,

In the upcoming presidential campaign, as in the past, the experiences in attitude and acceptance of any options for an alternate candidate have been at very least, less than favorable, and most times completely ignored by the GOP.

I have studied the phenomena of the Ron Paul movement for years. And my conclusion is thus;

Ron Paul will not be confirmed. Because of the rules the GOP used in the past. Yet the GOP will continue to use Mr. Paul as a tool of leverage as long as he remains with the GOP. To repel any potential risks or threats from alternate party candidates and their supporters having an opportunity to be elected, where selecting a candidate that would have a different view than is currently held in the politcal theater of government is less likely to ever occur without abandoing the GOP all together. Supporters for Paul will continue to focus on having him nominated, while the main body of the GOP continues to work its witchcraft. Funded by Banks and special interest PAC's including the Tea Party PAC's which are often times selecting GOP candidates over any althernate party candidates to endorse, Which contiues to feed the GOP's march, in lockstep with its agenda to continue with absolute despotism.

As Jubal Anderson Early expressed was occuring before the War and expressed would continue in a matrix that has embodied the entire spetrum of real politik today when we wrote of these atrocities in his book in 1867

I have long stated that neither side have any intentions of yielding power, (if you are one who views them as being any different). And they will use any opportunities available to obtain intelligence; to distract; deter and divide, in order to ultimately achieve victory in conquering each election cycle with their own pre planned candidates.

On the outside of the spectrum of the Politico theaters, things are seen as giving the people their ability to perform their patriotic choice in selecting who best represents their voice. Yet on the inside of the Politico-machine, the very mechanics or sciences which are moving the machine ahead are pre programmed. So it functions with continual inertia, with little to no maintenance required for the machine to continue its pre-destined course of action.

Some people call it business as usual. Others call it absolute despotism; Totalitarianism; Communism; and a plethora of other titles. Some even label the actions taking place as treasonous.

This week celebrates a very interesting week in American history, most have forgotten about, or have neglected to teach this generation.

The Battle of Montocacy and the battle at Fort Stevens. July 8-12 1864

These battles took place starting just outside of Washington DC Lt. General Jubal A. Early came within sharpshooters distance to Abraham Lincoln on July 11 and 12 186,where Lincoln witnessed personally the dedication of a Commander who was only under Robert E. Lee, and prior to his death at Chancelorsville, General Thomas Stonewall Jackson. Lt General Early frightened Lincoln, and his administration that week.

If Early had been able to muster enough provisions to continue his advance on Washington it is likely Early would have been able to repel the Union forces enough to initiate Grant to commit additional forces to defend DC than had originally been done. Both battles Early was able to escape capture from the Union unskathed and with minimal losses.

Whereas, without any doubt to anyone who knows the details of these battles, also recognize they humiliated the Lincoln administration, General Grant and the Union forces. It also proved to Lincoln the defeat at Gettysburg was not decisive that would eliminate the risk of Lincoln and the Capture of Washington DC out of the reach of the Confederate Army.

In closing, I will leave you with a brief caption out of Lt Generals Book..
A memoir of the last year of the war for independence.

"In regard to my own services all I have to say is that I have the consciousness of having done my duty to my country to the very best of my ability and whatever may be my fate I would not exchange that consciousness for untold millions I have come into exile rather than submit to the yoke of the oppressors of my country but I have never thought of attributing aught of blame or censure to those true men who after having nobly done their duty in the dreadful struggle through which we passed now that it has gone against us remain to Bhare the misfortunes of their people and to aid and comfort them in their trials on the contrary I appreciate and honour their motives I have not sought refuge in another land from insensibility to the wrongs and sufferings of my own country but I feel deeply and continually for them and could my life secure the redemption of that country as it has been often risked so now it would be as freely given for that object There were men born and nurtured in the Southern States and some of them in my own State who took sides with our enemies and aided in desolating and humiliating the land of their own birth and of the graves of their ancestors Some of them rose to high positions in the United States Army and others to high civil positions I envy them not their dearly bought prosperity I had rather be the humblest private soldier who fought in the ranks of the Confederate Army and now maimed and disabled hobbles on his crutches from house to house to receive his daily bread from the hands of the grateful women for whose homes he fought than the highest of those renegades and traitors Let them enjoy the advantages of their present positions as best they may for the deep and bitter execrations of an entire people now attend them and an immortality of infamy awaits them As for all the enemies who have overrun or aided in overrunning my country there is a wide and impassable gulf between us in which I see the blood of slaughtered friends comrades and countrymen which all the waters in the firmament above and the seas beneath cannot wash away Those enemies have undertaken to render our cause odious and infamous and among other atrocities committed by them in the eifbrt to do so an humble subordinate poor Wirz has been selected as a victim to a fiendish spirit and basely murdered under an executive edict founded on the sentence of a vindictive and illegal tribunal Let them continue this system they are but erecting monuments to their own eternal dishonour and furnishing finger posts to guide the historian in his researches They may employ the infamous Holt with his Bureau of Military Justice to sacrifice other victims on the altars of their hatred and provost marshals and agents of the Freedman's Bureau may riot in all the license of petty tyranny but our enemies can no more control the verdict of impartial history than they can escape that doom which awaits them at the final judgment."...

... "The civilized world will find too late that its philanthropy has been all false and its religion all wrong on this subject and the people of the United States will find that under the pretence of saving the life of the nation and upholding the old flag they have surrendered their own liberties into the hands of that worst of all tyrants a body of senseless fanatics.

When the passions and infatuations of the day shall have been dissipated by time and all the results of the late war shall have passed into irrevocable history the future chronicler of that history will have a most important duty to perform and posterity while poring over its pages will be lost in wonder at the follies and crimes committed in this generation."

Lt. General Jubal A. Early

Known as General Robert E. Lee's "Bad Old Man" 1816-1894
Senator John Warwick Daniel, who served on Early's staff, eulogized him thusly: "Virginia holds the dust of many a faithful son, but not of one whom loved her more, who fought for her better, or would have died for her more willingly."

Earl Lofland,

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