Friday, June 10, 2011

Democracy is alive and rules in the US

By Earl Lofland
I don't expect most people to get this. In fact most have no clue as to what was spoken in the Bible about the Wheat and Tares.
Florida is the first state that is now going to require drug testing for welfare receivers. Some are happy thinking this is the right thing to do, and making inaccurate comments of those whom see this action as unconstitutional. Asking How is this unconstitutional, on the basis that it is completely legal a company who hires employees have to pass a drug test to get a job. And that is to support those on welfare.

They also go farther by saying If you disagree, you must have something to hide!

Many people are taught only half the facts on what this country is, By stating it is a Constitutional Republic. This can be blamed on the Dept of Educations limitation on the other part of what this Repubic is....
China, France, Russsia, Czech Republic. Poland, Iraq even Iran and North Korea are a Constitutional Republic. So if we are only that we are no different than the very countries the people are to beleive are against what we stand for.
So what exactly is our country? a Democracy? Theocracy? No, it is not supposed to be. It is a Republic but it is a Cofederated Union. This something that many have abandoned after the Second Revolution in 1865.

The Union that the original 13 states formed was confederated from bearing allegiance to any other countries in the world. This was an experiment that has drawn other countries to mold similar constitutions that are based upon what was ratified in 1787 by the central government. The Federation of the States.

Without going into a long discussion on history and the various forms of government. The theory of forcing a person to undergo a drug test before being qualified for a state program like food stamps, welfare or even medical assistance is a direct violation of the rights of individials protected under Amendment IV and V . While some suggest that it is a an entitlement, that is provided by funds that are obtained by the tax payer. The issues still surround the question whether or not this is a Democracy or a Republic. And based upon the facts that welfare programs and state assistance provisions were set in place under the New Deal, it does not matter whether or not this was intended to be a temporary or permanent program. The program while in effect, must comply with the the rights of individuals being protected who use the service provided by the State. Again, this is not a Democracy where the majority of people have control over the minority who are using state aid, And the rights of one person must be protected from the majority of those who refuse to recognize their rights. This does not imply that Welfare is a Right. Yet the program while it is im place, does have to comply to ensuring the rights of those who use the programs are not infringed.

While it seems politically correct by some to chastise someone who is on a state program it does not make that decison right. If it were right, then why stop there? Let the government demand you to serve a certain denomination or arrest you for practicing your faith. Let the Government come and bust in your door and destroy your property because you defaulted on a Student Loan.
There are people who are on the system and are not using illegal drugs nor doing anything illegal. There are some who have paid state taxes and are now faced with needing this program to assist in feeding their family. Yet if the government tells them they must give up their right of privacy or not obtain state funding, that is no different than the State creating a Danger by the very laws that wer put in place causing the economic disaster that has resulted in many families now needing the state programs, only to be exploited for the hardship that the government knowingly was accountable for causing, and then telling its victims that they are less entitled to any rights than even the Slaves who were denied their right to vote or to sit in the back of a room or bus of a business.

Would there be an outcry if those on welfare were also denied the right to vote while they are on Welfare? And what would prevent that from occuring? If you give the government an opportunity to take away one right you are saying it is open season for every right to be taken away. And that was the exact danger that the Fathers sought to prevent when they debated on the Natural rights and enclosed provisions in the Constitution, to protect Every US Citizens Rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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