Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9 1847

March 9 1847 the first day of the battle of Veracruz a combined Amphibius attack by the US Navy and US Army Under the Command of Commadore Perry and
Commadore David Connors

In 1845, Commodore David Connor's length of service in command of the Home Squadron expired. However, the Mexican-American War persuaded the authorities not to change commanders in the face of the war. Perry, who succeed Connor, was made second-in-command and captained the USS Mississippi.

Perry, in Norfolk at the time when Veracuz began, returned to the fleet during the siege of Veracruz and his ship the USS Mississippi supported the siege from the sea. After the fall of Veracruz General Winfield Scott moved inland and Perry moved against the remaining Mexican port cities. ·

Also one of the Home Squadron vessesl to paricipate in Vercrus Was the USS Savannah

John Stobart – Savannah, World’s First Steamship Leaving Savanna, Georgia, May 20, 1819

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