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The Delaware Way: They Play We Pay

The Delaware Way They Play We Pay
by Early-Earl Lofland
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 9:18pm

What will Delaware voters do this coming election, now they find
Christopher Tagani only recieved two years for his criminal activities, that
included violations of federal election laws on campaign contributions to state
and federal elected officials, and tax fraud?

Does Mr.Tagani's punishment fit the crimes that were committed against the
People? Or, has the Delaware Way of Justice meerly sided with the elite once

Chrirstopher Tigani, pleaded guilty back in June for two counts of federal
felony violations of campaign-finance laws, and two counts of tax fraud. He was
originally facing up to 5 years in prison for each of the election law offenses,
and up to 3 years in prison for each of the tax violations. Federal sentencing
guidelines called for a prison term of between three and four years and a fine
of up to $500,000, not including court fees and restitution to the Internal
Revenue Service.
Yet Mr. Tagani is to serve only 2 years in prison.

The judge, (Sleet) acknowledged Tigani's cooperation in an ongoing criminal
investigation, however, Sleet noted that Tigani's efforts, assisting prosecutors
in rooting out corruption "bore no fruit." because no other arrests have
resulted from Mr.Tigani's alleged cooperation in the investigation. (An
investigation by former Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice E. Norman Veasey
into possible violations of state laws is ongoing).

Will any of the named (and unnamed) elected officials or
State officials who willfully participated with Mr. Tagani and others like him
be held accountable and punished for their willful participation?

Punishment for this deeply rooted corruption is only likely occur when
voters decide to leave the two party's, and vote for other political party
candidates, who are not actively participating in the "Delaware Way" and have a
strong views against the Delaware Way, to destroy this form of piracy that has
infected the government like a terminal disease..

According to court documents, from at least October 2003 through December
2008, Christopher Tigani arranged for more than $200,000 in campaign
contributions to be made in the name of N.K.S. employees and family members to a
number of politicians.
Nearly a yearlong investigation conducted by the FBI revealed Mr. Tigani
plotted to increase his political influence in matters affecting his family
liquor business, N.K.S., by making contributions to federal and state political
campaigns that exceeded legal limits.

The ties between Delaware politicians, their party's and Mr.Tagani
The political oligarchy that makes up "The Delaware Way"

Mr Tagani boasted to the president of Anheuser-Busch back in 2008,
referring to, now Vice President, Joe Biden's presidential primary campaign in
2007, "I was the number one fundraiser for [Biden's] bid and will play a role in
his new campaign as well as his son's role as a future senator,", according to
court documents. Tigani stated "They are very good and close friends and I know
that we can take advantage of that relationship as needed."

Rep. Greg Lavelle, R-Sharpley, calls the sentence of Tagani a "first small
step". Wasn't that step anything more than a toe wiggle? Because more needs to
be done to clean the system of what Lavelle even admitted to, as the "corrosive
effect of corruption"."And that's blatant hard corruption in this case and the
soft corruption like favoritism that is apparently running rampant," ..."When
there's accountability with public officials and complicit state employees then
we'll have some change." Lavelle said.

The only way accountability will ever be properly administered though,
voters must leave the Democrat and Republican Party. Both hold Party's hold as
much guilt in this crime against the entire human race, just as much as Mr.
Tagani himself showed. When political party candidates (from both major party's)
take money from people like Tigani, and then do their bidding when they are
put in office as lawmakers that too is a crime But will they be punished?

Tigani used N.K.S., his alchohol distribution business as a medium
for this corruption.

Elected officials would pull up to its warehouses and get free cases of
beer and liquor. Tigani not only supplied campaigns with free beer, he treated
lawmakers and state officials to NASCAR races and lavish parties that sometimes
featured women in skimpy outfits. For several years, Tigani chartered buses for
trips to Jimmy Buffett concerts and Philadelphia Eagles games for these same
people that agreed to do his bidding for him and not serving the people of the
Gov. Ruth Ann Minner and members of her staff enjoyed a trip to Quebec on a
private jet compliments of Mr. Tigani.

House Speaker Robert F. Gilligan, D-Sherwood Park, said "the whole thing
has gotten people's attention." "Obviously, the perception is not good and
obviously elected officials will have to work very hard to change that
perception.". Actually,voters will have to work equally as hard to stop this
from continuing, That requires a fall out of voters from both party's to occur
It is up to Delaware Voters to ensure this does not occur again.

It is up to the people who vote in Delawrae to change that perception that
has been given by both party's to the entire world, to decide that they will no
longer vote for these people and their political party's and support these
corrupt politicians and their party's actions, by no longer voting for them or
contributing to these two party's and their candidates. It is also obviously
clear, the leaders from both party's are doing all they can to prevent a major
fallout, and neither Mr Sigler nor Mr Aronson address any more than what can be
seen as pointing blame solely on Mr. Tigani as if he is the lone person to
blame. It appears Mr. Sigler is only wanting more people to continue to donate
money, condone such a risk to continue, while attempting to lure people away
from the fact the Republican Party has also been involved in the same criminal
actions as Democrats for years (Abramoff scandal to name one incident).
John Sigler, state Republican chairman, said the case may "encourage
law-abiding donors to come forward and to participate in a lawful fashion
knowing they don't have to compete against people who are engaged in illegal
conduct to their disadvantage."

And though Aronson admits part of the way to solve the problem is by people
being punished, he too lures people away from the fact the Democrat Party's own
elected officials state officials appointed by both Democrats and
Republicans were willing to participate along with Tagani through his criminal
actions of fraud, and accepting bribes making the root of the problem to be more
than Mr. Tagani, alone. All participants are just as guilty as he is. When two
or more people are willfully involved participating in a crime, It is called
Conspiracy before and or after the fact. And they should not be excused from the
punishment of the law. Their actions have been nothing less than a piracy,
Jospeh Story defined this act as a crime against the human race, and these
crimes were committed by the state officials and elected officials who willfully
participated in "The Delaware Way" making them directly involved, by taking
kickbacks and conducting a Quid Pro Quo atmosphere with Mr. Tagani and others
like him.

Joe Aronson, Delaware Democratic Party executive director, said he hopes
people thinking of breaking campaign finance laws will remember what has
happened here." You're going to have folks who break the rules," he said. "Then
they're caught and they're punished. So the system ends up working out the way
it's supposed to."
So when those who participated with Mr. Tagani, and were not held
accountable, and when Mr. Tagani was sentenced to only 2 years out of a possible
16 year sentence, how many Delaware voters will realize now, the two partys
can't be saved?

How many voters will admit the only way to ensure justice is properly
administered equally, without malice or prejudice is for voters and people who
have abandoned voting because of "The Delaware Way" is to stop voting for
Democrat and Republican party candidates, and begin seeking out alternate
party's and their candidates starting in 2012?

Earl Lofland was the Independent Party of Delaware's Fusion Candidate for
US Congress. He is currently the State Chairman for the Constitution Party in

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