Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is This The Final Cut?

I have heard many veterans who supported the "Tea Party" (Not the Real Tea Party) now becoming outraged by what is taking place with veteran benefits and coming from someone labeled as a "Tea Party Favorite"
Bachmann plan would cut veterans benefits (Army Times)
I have seen comments pouring in

"We can give $1.5B in foriegn aid to Egypt, to be spent on their military, and you want to cut $4.5B from our Veterans"

"Congresswoman Bachman, if you're going to send our men and woman overseas to fight for their country then you damn sure better take care of them when they return!"

Bringing to light my personal analysis of what is happening today in the geopolitical realm, and how it important it is in seeing what is taking place in Egypt reveals a conclusion this leads to what is mentioned in Luke 21:20-24.

As I look at what is happening in Egypt, the more I see reflections to what happened 30 years ago when Mubarak was the Vice President under Anwar El Sadat who in 1981 agreed to the Israel Peace Treaty. It also has reflections of
Iraq, with the toppling of Saddam - Chalabi in Iraq was tied with Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, strategists who have had long been an advocate of regime changes in that region and around the world.
Compare the profile of Ahmed Chalabi with Mohamed ElBaradei Chalabi studied and a University of Chicago Grad
Baradei a NYU Grad
This has markings of Burson-Marsteller or the John Rendon Group.

There are strong signs Egypt will undergo a change in power. Just as it did when Mubarak was the VP of Egypt during the assassination of Anwar El Sadat
Some reflect on the current geopolitical structure as being an oppression of the people of Egypt. And the people of Egypt like Tunisia revolted against the powers that be.
The Muslim Brotherhood and Iran have been seen propagating support for Mohamed El Baradei. And Egypt has often times opposed supporting Hamas Back in 2009 iman Tahu was a spokesperson for Hamas negotiating a ceasefire with Israel during Operation Cast Lead.
At that meeting was the State Department Envoy (Mitchell and possibly H.C. who had traveled to that region that week as well.
Tahu after leaving the negotiations was caught with 11 Million Dollars attempting to cross the Egypt border. 8 M was USD and 3 was EUD.
Published: 02/05/09, 6:47 PM
Hamas Returns from Cairo with Illegal Cash, No Deal
Then just weeks later the US agreed to Pledge $900 Million to Gaza
Reported: 05:31 AM - Feb/24/09

BTW Egypt did not return the 8 million USD and 3 M EUD . to who provided it to Tahu either.

Currently all the the signs are pointing to a transfer of power and it could reflect ElBaradei would be replacing Mubarak.

What would be the long term repercussions in this?
Oil and other goods l that is supplied to the US (Oil from the OPEC Arab states)
With our support to Egypt dating back to the construction of the Suez Canal has provided the US with access to transport not only oil but other supplies from that region through the least expensive route. The Suez Canal. It also allows us a less expensive route to provide supplies and naval support for Troops deployed in IRQ and AFGHN.

The moment the US looses access of this canal for shipping traffic there will be a huge increase in products that come from Pakistan, India. from Computer and auto parts. To Clothing and crude oil that provides everything from gasoline and diesel fuel heating oil and cosmetics and paints.
This has a much bigger plan than most probably realize.
By a Muslim Brotherhood having control of the Suez will bring the US government to be forced to capitulate to their demands in order to keep goods from hyperinflation due to the costs to have them shipped by a route that will add at least 2 weeks to the delivery and add an additional hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel expenses to go around the Cape of Good Hope.

This will also give more leverage for Israel to be surrounded by armies Iran will be leveraged to impose its demands through the brotherhood on the US in Nuclear Proliferations. Saudi Arabia will be at risk of having its powers toppled As well as Yemen.

And When the US no longer supports Israel. the country will be left to defend itself And you will have Egypt (using supplies provided by the US for 30 years) Lebanon. Gaza. Syria surrounding Israel under a harsh environment. Then you will also have the US blocked in by Syria and Turkey all these are also showing a weakening of support for Israel.
This will all be in lines with what the prophets had said would have to take place just before the coming of the Lord.
Jesus even stated that when you see this Yerusalam that the people of Judah were to flee to the Mountains and not carry nothing with them.
And we who are in Christ Jesus are to Look up for our redemption draws near. Behold!!! It is even at the door!

We give 1.5 B to Egypt because we have most of our goods shipped in from Pakistan India. Saudi Arabia Oil products Computer products Auto parts cosmetics are an oil base product. gasoline and heating oil diesel fuel has to be shipped th...rough the least expensive route the Suez Canal.
Imagine the cost for these goods to be delivered to the US if shipping was forced to go around the Cape of Good Hope.
Gasoline at the pump would go up to 10 a gallon and you would see hyper inflation combined with the shrinking of a US Dollar.And employment reaching and possibly exceeding 40%.

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