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Who Murdered John Wheeler III and Why?

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I am Earl Lofland, The Kent County Chairman for the Constitution Party and This past election I was the Fusion candidate on the Independent Party of Delaware ballot for United States Congress

Since Jan. 1, 2011 I have been watching news and reading comments posted on Mr Wheelers murder.
John Wheeler's family offers $25,000 reward for tips in his death

First, I extend my prayers to the family members that the Lord bless them with a peace beyond all understanding. And that who ever murdered Mr Wheeler be found and tried for their crime(s).

The more I read, suspicions increase that US tax dollars maybe be inappropriately used on a program that may have be back online MKULTRA

There were several deaths associated with the Project MKULTRA, most notably Frank Olson. Olson, a US Army biochemist and biological weapons researcher, was given LSD without his knowledge or consent in November,1953 as part of a CIA experiment, Mr Olson died under "suspicious circumstances" a week later.

It is my personal observation the murder of Mr Wheeler should be investigated on a state level as well as a federal level, in accordance to the UCMJ protocols, and the possibly for a congressional investigation on his death.
I base this on the High Security Clearance Mr. Wheeler had and his close affiliation with the DoD.

Here are some of my thoughts and observations from my extensive research on the murder of Mr. John Wheeler,III also his profile.
Like many others, I have been watching the news on the murder of John Wheeler III

Days ago, the News Journal stated John Wheeler was beaten to death
John Wheeler investigation: Former Pentagon official was beaten to death
| | The News Journal

In that article the ME's office revealed his death was not due to any chemicals according to toxicology testing.

My first questions would be:
How extensive where the ME's Toxicology tests?
What exactly were they looking for when they conducted the Toxicology testing?
And could there have been something they didn't test for, that may have contributed to his murder in anyway?

It would be interesting to know exactly what the ME did find in their Toxicology report.

Also, has anyone found the briefcase he stated was stolen from him?
My hunch: if you find what he had in his briefcase you will find not only the motive but the murder(s)

It would be interesting to know why if the Wheeler's have not obtained this . Why shouldn't their attorney file a FOIA to obtain the ME's findings and the video footage, that the police are not releasing to the family. The footage being shown to the family could be useful in determining if it was infact Mr Wheeler. Who would know Mr. Wheeler better than his own family?

And I would file an injunction for independent toxicology tests be conducted to include chemicals that may not have been included in the initial exam.

Personally, I would be looking to see whether a trace test for Agent 15 had been done; A-15 is believed to be the same as or similar to BZ that is an Iraqi truth serum. BZ 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate or one of the many other "Truth Serums" that are on the market. I would also include Savlia D or Salvia A a psycoactive drug that studies have been done on its effects by the DEA since May of 2010. (et al.?)

BZ and many other serums are odorless and nonirritating. and is able to be applied through an aerosol spray container similar to mace spray.

Both BZ and Agent 15 have delayed symptoms that take affect many hours after contact.[1] In the field the only immediate indications of its use may be the white smoke.that would be in the isolated location where it is dispersed (like a dispenser used to spray mace) Detection methods have been developed for BZ, they are not standardized and limited to laboratory analysis or specialized monitoring in industrial facilities (Toxicology testing).
There are other toxicology tests that I would even look at. Saliviurm A or D

The reason is due to the governments activities through the CIA with experiments using civilians in studies for psychoactive drugs and their how effective this form of Chemical and Biological warfare was in overthrowing hostile governments of the US (Google Cathy O'Brian and MK Ultra)
CIA off campus: building the movement against agency recruitment and researchBy Ami Chen Mills

Science Technology and the CIA

New York Times Project Ultra, The CIA's Program in research of behavioral modification

"The Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, Foreign and Military Intelligence".

Church Committee report, no. 94-755, 94th Cong., 2d Sess.. Washington, D.C..: United States Congress. 1976. p. 392.
Chapter 3: Supreme Court Dissents Invoke the Nuremberg Code: CIA and DOD Human Subjects Research Scandals

My personal conclusions:

This is not just some random mugging.,

Combined with the knowledge that the government was involved in activities related to biological and chemical experimentation on the effectiveness in a military atmosphere such as but not limited to Cocaine. LSD, Marijuana, inter alia as a Biological and Chemical weapon of war, under MK Ultra. And knowing Mr Wheeler was opposed to the use of biological and chemical weapons even to the extent of witting a report on the subject during his tenure in the DoD. And just from understanding Johns background; this is obviously so clear to me, (and to others) it is not just the ordinary run of the mill guy who was "drunk" and in the bad part of town only to be mugged.

He was in good health obviously. And I am not positive but It might even be safe to say he had a good record of health for the most part.
Also with Mr Wheeler serving in the Military as a commissioned officer and West Point Graduate!!! With a high security clearance.He also was part of the advisory counsel for chemical weapons.

(By the way BZ is controlled under schedule 2 of the Chemical Weapons Convention.)

The toxicology tests show chemicals were not the cause of death. But what other substances were found in their tests? And exactly what did they test for?

Such as did they search for traces of 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate (BZ) maybe? BTW Production of
It is also an odorless military incapacitating agent

BZ is odorless and nonirritating with delayed symptoms several hours after contact. In the field the only immediate indications of its use may be the white smoke emanating from delivered weapons. Though detection methods have been developed for BZ, these have not been standardized for field use and are limited to laboratory analysis or specialized monitoring in industrial facilities

If you want my guess John was incapacitated in Wilmington, The perp(s) searched for documents that he had in his breifcase . His body taken to Newark as a distraction and to pollute the investigation with distance between the crime scene and any locations between where he was dumped and where he would be found.See More

On September 28, 1994 U.S. General Accounting Office issued a report , stating from 1940 - 1974, DoD and other national security agencies studied thousands of human subjects in tests and experiments involving hazardous substances.

The study :

... Working with the CIA, the Department of Defense gave hallucinogenic drugs to thousands of "volunteer" soldiers in the 1950s and 1960s. In addition to LSD, the Army also tested quinuclidinyl benzilate, a hallucinogen code-named BZ. (Note 37) Many of these tests were conducted under the so-called MKULTRA program, established to counter perceived Soviet and Chinese advances in brainwashing techniques. Between 1953 and 1964, the program consisted of 149 projects involving drug testing and other studies on unwitting human subjects...

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