Monday, March 7, 2011

The Science of Deception

The Science of Deception
By Earl Lofland
Explaining what occurred in the 2010 election is intended to enlighten other conservatives about the reason why Christine O’Donnell did not win. The national leadership of the GOP and its financial backers did not have any interest in Christine O’Donnell, nor other candidates like her to be placed in office. It doesn’t matter if they are running for local, county, state, or federal office. The chain of command still applies. Whoever the National Party doesn’t support, the state Party leadership will not support. If the leadership of the state party changes to more conservative views, the national will provide the least amount of support the states candidates.

Conservative voters should ask what marketing firm was behind the making of the advertisement Christine O’Donnell ran; "I am not a witch" It was obvious to many who know the science of Political selections it was aired to drive down her voter approval ratings, and shift more public interest from the moderate Republican voters to vote for Chris Coons over Christine. Some will find this hard to believe although the evidence clearly shows the National Party and its financial contributors do not hold the same interest as the local conservative voters, especially those in Delaware.

Anyone who studied the science behind political campaigns realizes what occurred with Christine’s campaign, and others like hers. While the majority of their supporter usually work tirelessly, hoping to change things nationally at the state level-- Delaware proved in the 2010 elections,(as well as in 2008) there is little chance to force redirection onto the national party and their financial contributors to side with conservatives on a state level, especially with a state like Delaware and the number of electoral votes it carries in national elections. National leadership always holds higher stakes and thus more leverage in controlling what will occur on the state level in elections especially in Delaware. And the Republican national party would rather have someone like Chris Coons in office compared to a Christine O’Donnell based on the number of moderate republicans who are in office across the country.

There is a political riff between the conservative and the moderate republicans in Delaware due to the political war within Delaware’s Republican Party. The outcome will most likely cause a split in the party, where some members will decide to leave the party. Either to form a new party, or look for another party that best fits their political views. In Delaware, a vast majority of Moderates could end up switching over to the Democrat party in hopes to bring more Blue Dog Democrats in over the social liberal democrats if the Conservative side wins.

However if the Moderates gained control of the Republican party there will be some voters who will look for another conservative party to support. If the Conservatives decided to stay with a party controlled by moderates, many new conservative voters would also see the party having a more liberal dialog, not much different than the Democrat party.

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