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Using schools to turn the U S into a socialist nation

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Carnegie Corporation’s published little volume on education entitled Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies
(Charles Scribner’s Sons: N.Y. 1934) With $340,000 funding,this little book called for using the schools to turn the United States into a socialist nation.

To extinguish the free will
is to strike the conscience
with death, for both have
but one and the same life.”

I write to you today with some very important news every parent; every grandparent; every teacher; every student should be made aware of.

For over 30 years the US Dept of Education has been operating under the Pavlovian/Skinnerian Theories. This has proven to be nothing more than destructive models for our children's education, and caused the dumbing down of American intellect for at least 2 generations.

As more states pay tax money into the federal government, where their money is then redistribute back into their education system, with strings attached, more problems in the quality of a child's education occur. Is this because of the lack of federal funding? Or, is it because of the destructive models that are used within the education system, which states education systems are forced to use under the US Dept. of Education?
If it were the lack of funding; why is it, each time an increase in funding to the education system — from the federal government was increased the quality of education decreased and students were leaving high school less educated? How many students today can recite the Declaration of Independence? Or know more than 15 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Though Delaware only has 3 county's how many students today know at the names of at least 10 of their states governors? During the 1940s, The North Carolina School system required students to know the name of each county and the county seat. How many students today can do that?

Since the Pavlovian/Skinnerian formulas were introduced into the school curriculums there has been an abundance of failures in students achieving a higher standard of learning.
Instead of aborting these programs — only changing the names they continue with the same Pavlovian/Skinnerian formulas that result in the same destructive, low quality education system.

Einstein once said; "Insanity is repeating the same failure over and over again, expecting a different result." By changing the name of the problems does not qualify for changing the failure.

While I was campaigning for US Congress, one of my biggest issues; a very major topic was our current education system. I expressed that I was in support of charter schools and the voucher programs, until I discovered how dangerous this is to the fundamental building blocks of our country and even to our very national security.

So what has made me change my mind about Charter Schools?

It isn't the charter schools that I oppose as much as it is the way our education system is manipulated--coerced into complying with federally mandated programs that have for decades a long-proven failed track record that began the “radical behavioral modification” in the 1960's—over 50 years ago.

Several years ago George W. Bush introduced the "Faith Based Initiative Program". During that time I was a tax professional, I also attended several CPE (Continued Professionals Education) courses, where some focused on Faith Based Programs and Non-profit organizations. The seminars were very informative, revealing "Faith Based Programs" — non-profit churches were being denied if they had a name revealing they were a “Christian” organization or a denominational church. Funding would more likely be awarded to organizations with names such as The Guiding Light or the Candle of Life over organizations that had Denominational names such as (City name) Church of Christ. etc.

How do faith-based initiative programs funding correlate with the education system?

Many faith based programs received funding approvals and were required to comply with guidelines-- outlined by the federal agencies which Congress appropriated moneys into. Agencies like the US Dept of Education. Charter schools are required to comply with the US Dept of Education funding requirements. Otherwise lose their charter status.

Though charter schools may have good programs—focused on students who need more attention, and achieving a higher quality of education, The charter school must comply with all the rules and regulations and the US Dept of Educations study guidelines and models creating the dangers of charter schools being no different in their education programs than the state funded programs that have been falling short on education quality, and continuing to hold a strategic objective to universalize our national education into a "universal" program with outcomes that have shown to be patterned after communist outlines and create "Class warfare". As well structuring the breaking down of teachers ability to actually teach over indoctrinate, while at the same time targeting and training the teachers on how to be more involved with breaking down the family structure and values. Through "radical behavioral modification programs” that are part of the Pavlovian/Skinnerian performance-based workforce training agenda, which began through “Selected readings with an emphasis on group development.” (Human Relations in Curriculum
Change(Ed. Kenneth D. Benne and
Bozidar Muntyan, The Dryden Press, Inc., NY).)

Most works—written by social scientists and philosophers of-the-day—appeared in publications during the 1940s decade; some included references dated from the 1930s decade. Human Relations in Curriculum Change discusses “social engineering” (theory, methods); “re-education of personnel in knowledge, skills, and attitudes”; schools as potential laboratories for “experimental social science”; “human engineering”; “group thinking”; “change agents”; Kurt Lewin’s “change process” theory; “consensus”; and more
“Human Relations in Curriculum Change
[Ed. Kenneth D. Benne and Bozidar Muntyan, The Dryden Press, Inc., NY, 1951] describes the process of behavior modification, the process of socialization, conscientization, democratization,
etc. Using group dynamics, the pressure of peer rejection or approval, to generate tension between what one believes, his prior standards, and his desire to participate in group activities. This ‘oppressed knowledge’ is given permission to be expressed, ‘liberation’ before the group, and once expressed, if approved by the group, through dialogue, producing a ‘dialogical consciousness.’ Trust in ‘oppressed knowledge’ liberates each individual from their prior cultural standards, re-educating them to the group life, group think experience, called brainwashing.”

Important and revealing excerpts from Conclusions
and Recommendations for the Social Studies
“The Commission was also driven to this broader conception of its task by the obvious fact that American civilization, in common with Western civilization, is passing through one of the great critical ages of history, is modifying its traditional faith in economic individualism [free enterprise], and is embarking upon vast experiments in social planning and control which call for large-scale cooperation
on the part of the people…” (pp. 1-2) “. . . Cumulative evidence supports the conclusion that in the United States and in other countries the age of ‘laissez faire’
in economy and government is closing and that a new age of collectivism is emerging
.” (p. 16)
Project MUSE - Sewanee Review, Vol. 118, No. 2, Spring 2010, The John Hopkins University
Press. Accessed 10/2010

Thomas Sticht—a close associate of Spady’s, later named to the Secretary’s Commission on Achieving
Necessary Skills (SCANS)—also served as an associate director at the National Institute of Education (NIE) at the same time mastery learning was implemented in the D.C. schools. The Post article quoted Sticht extensively, verifying that he and Spady were deeply involved in the implementation of the new mastery learning curriculum. Later in 1982, The Washington Post again paraphrased Sticht as follows: “Many companies have moved operations to places with cheap, relatively poorly educated labor. What may be crucial, they say, is the dependability of a labor force and how well it can be managed and trained, not its general educational level, although a small cadre of highly educated creative people is essential to innovation and growth. Ending discrimination and changing values are probably more important than reading in moving low income families into the middle class.”

“. . . a key feature of operant conditioning: IT WORKS! Not to ‘educate’ your children, but to ‘train’ them. Operant conditioning does not allow for any real thinking processes to take place. It works to the same extent that animal training works. Stimulus / response; reward / punishments.

We want one class of persons to have a liberal education and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forego the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

During the last presidential campaign everyone became familiar with the campaign slogan "Hope and Change" But how many understand what "Change agents" are? Their role in the education system and developmental programs known as "Values Clarification"— programs that are found in higher education programs in Community Colleges, Universities as well as inside the state funded public school systems throughout the United States.
Something every parent of a school age student should read is a book titled, "Innovations in Education; A Change Agents Guide By Ronald Havelock
I also encourage you to research Charlotte Iserbyt former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Dept of Education during the Reagan years. As well as holding positions in education, and many other titles that required her to travel throughout the world.
She has spoken out extensively about the destruction being done in our school systems since the 1960's using the totalitarian Pavlovian/Skinnerian performance-based workforce training. I urge every parent, every teacher and every student to read the articles (posted below) as well as some of the supporting links .
If you care about the well being of your children—having solid family structure; seek to reverse the increased Suicide rates and murders among school aged students k1-12. If you seek to reverse the ever increasing divorce rate and promote solid morality for the next generations to come. I strongly urge you to help me.
I come out of the school system that was working under these programs and I personally found them destructive. Then and more-so in the 1990’s when I had step children attending public schools. It was a socialist form of education that worked on merit systems and not on actually teaching students. And since then I am confident to also speak out against the way our children are being taught with the evidence of our society broken down and restructured — with unwed mothers — more people seeking entitlement programs — higher divorce rates— Suicide— crime— as well as a lower class of people who are selectively educated.

By Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt December 2010

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